Information about Affenpinscher Puppies as Pet

| June 23, 2014

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If you loves to keep puppy at home as pet then you will surely need information on their types, appearance, temperament, colors, coat, health, exercise, training, size, height, weight, care, grooming, feeding, life span, etc. So, I assure you that this is the right puppy blog for you because from this website you can get the answer of your each question about the breed of puppies by reading the relevant article.

Affenpinscher Puppies:

The page which you are viewing currently, deals only with the Affenpinscher Puppies. If you like this puppy & want to adopt it as pet for home then you must have enough info about this breed. Read the following points carefully & know all about the Affenpinscher Puppies.

Affenpinscher Puppies Origin:

Affenpinscher Puppies basically originated from the Germany. The other nick names of Affenpinscher Puppies are Affen, Affie & Monkey Dog. Pierre-Auguste Renoir was one of the very important French artists. He had also made lots of puppy painting especially the Affenpinscher Puppies.

Affenpinscher Puppies Appearance & Coat Info:

Affenpinscher Puppies usually have a rough & full of hairs coat. The hairs are longer. Furthermore, its coat is coarse, shaggy, thin & wiry.  They look like a monkey that’s why their nick name is monkey dog. Affenpinscher Puppies are small dog. They have square shape body but round shape head. Their black round eyes looks vey attractive. Affenpinscher Puppies have erect & triangular shape eras which usually cover with hairs. They have a high tail at back.

Affenpinscher Puppies Nature:

Affenpinscher Puppies are Friendly, daring, curious, alert, stubborn, and intelligent. They can show fine behavior towards the Children’s only if they trained properly. Affenpinscher Puppies are affectionate with family members. They are not good watch or guard dog. Their fun loving & playful nature makes them a very great companion.

Colors of Affenpinscher Puppies:

Generally, the Affenpinscher Puppies are available into the Solid black color but some other colors which you can find are Gray, red, black, silver, red, tan or belge (a mixture of black, white, brown and red hairs). All these colors may be with or without black mask.

Size of Affenpinscher Puppies:

The Height of Affenpinscher Puppies ranges from 8 to 14 inches or 21 to 34 cm & weight ranges from 7 to 10 pound or 3.1 to 4.5 kg. So, you should be careful about the standard size of your Affenpinscher Puppy.

Grooming of Affenpinscher Puppies:

Never try to trim their long hairs at home if you don’t have enough experience. Clipping hairs can affect their coat. So be careful about it. You can consult from an experienced breeder. Try to comb their hairs regularly. Use branded puppy shampoo for bathing your puppy.

Apartment for Affenpinscher Puppies:

Try to provide them a comfortable place or apartment for living. They cannot bear too much hot. The hotness can also affect their coat. So, provide them a moderate temperature place for living. They are good indoor puppies.

Training of Affenpinscher Puppies:

Affenpinscher Puppies are stubborn in nature that’s why they need consistence or firm training, they can become bored from repetitive task so try to give them training with versatile variety of activities.

Food for Affenpinscher Puppies:

For keeping your puppy healthy & fit you must have info on nutritional requirements. The Affenpinscher Puppies can eat small ground animals such as rats & mice, grains such as wheat/corn/barley & vegetables such as carrot, potato & cabbage. Try to give them food which is high in carbohydrate such as potato & barley. Try to avoid food such as fish meal, white rice, beet pulp & food contains on soya sauce for your Affenpinscher Puppies.

Life Time for Affenpinscher Puppies:

An Affenpinscher Puppy’s maximum life time which is estimated by the experts ranges from 8 to 2 years but only if you care about their health, food, grooming, exercise & training.

Affenpinscher Puppies Health:

Affenpinscher Puppies can suffer into the slipped stifle problem in which the knee like joint above the hock of a dog in the hind part of leg slips away & requires surgery. The breathing problems, urologic, dysplasia, collapsed trachea (incomplete configuration of cartilagenous rings of the trachea), Cataracts (watery eyes) etc are also found into Affenpinscher Puppies.

Exercise for Affenpinscher Puppies:

Daily walk, playful activities keep them happy. Affenpinscher Puppies like short walk for a lot of times in a day. Fenced area is better for playing hide & seeks games with Affenpinscher Puppies.

Pictures of Affenpinscher Puppies:

Here I am also going to share some very cutest & lovely pictures of Affenpinscher Puppies with you. Hope you will like this article as well a picture gallery!



Information about Affenpinscher Puppies as Pet



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