Tall and Long Haired Afghan Hound Puppies Dog Breed Information

| July 4, 2014

Allure to have puppies

Puppies are the most playful and faithful animal in the world. People like to have puppies to lessen their loneliness at the home when they are alone. They feel them as the member of their family and loved a lot due to their gracious nature. Puppies are the cutest and loveliest so people want to keep them as their pet and look after them as their child. It is the pastime of many people to keep them from many decades.

Overture of Afghan Puppies

The afghan hounds are well thought-out patrician due to its nature and look. Afghan hounds have long silky hairs which have covered his full body. Some puppies have curly hairs on the body. They have tall and a best height other than all puppies. The shape of the eyes is like an almond and has sparkle in it. The color of the eye is of black and hazel color. The nose of the hounds is of black color. Their ears are hidden in their long hairs. The jaws are so strong that provides placate at the time to secure them. Their neck is so long. The feet are hefty and legs are covered with his long hairs. The tail is turned from the back.

Color of Afghan puppies

These puppies have different colors of, black, white, grey, brown, light skin and in the mixture of black and white or skin or brown colors. Disposition and temper of Afghan puppies The temperament of Afghan hounds is so sweet friendly, and playful for this reason people like to have mostly the afghan puppies at their homes. They are sometimes called the king of the dogs because of their gracious and noble nature. Afghan puppies attract or impress the people by their dignified nature. They are so obedient and submissive. These types of puppies may be sometime insubordinate if they do not get accurate constancy. They may be nervous and hesitant if they don’t get health care from the households. So it must be obligatory for the Afghan hounds to tend in that manner in which their physical and mental health boost up.

Idiosyncratic significant features of Afghan puppies

Passionately afghan puppies are not optional of dwelling life they are happy in indoor life and become so happy in indoor quiescent. Their exercise is just so important as for their mental and physical health. With your daily exercise their exercise is also obligatory. Just about the height of the male puppies is from 27 to 29 inches and the weight is from 50 to 64lb. the life expectancy of this type of puppies is about 12 to 14 years. Afghans are the wounded of cancer, old age, and cardiac and urologic.

Afghan puppies as pet

All above discussed features of afghan puppies are helpful to keep puppies as your pet. They are so affectionate and demonstrative in nature with the qualities of obedient and faithfulness. Your choice for keeping afghan puppies is quite right at their home. Now the stern of these puppies becoming high because they are intelligent as well as active too. In Europe and America they are becoming lavish kind of breeds and people mostly want to keep them as their pet. This saccharine puppy is not only sweet but also very charming in temperament if mingle him in best way.

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