Facts & Types of Akita Puppies, Akita Dog Information and Pictures

| July 5, 2014

Akita Puppies:

Akita Puppies are one of those popular puppies which many people prefer to keep with themselves as their best companion. These puppies are very well-known among the every age of men, women, kids, boys & girls.

Types of Akita Puppies:

Basically the Akita Puppies are divided into two types which are American Akita Puppies & Japanese Akita Puppies. The main difference between both puppies is in their size I mean in weight & height plus on coat colors.

Japanese Akita Puppies:

The Japanese Akita Puppies have no black mask.

American Akita Puppies:

O the other hand the American Akita Puppies can have black masks.

Appearance of Akita Puppies:

Akita Puppies are large & have a bear like skull. They have erect ears & small eyes. Ears & eyes both have triangular shape. Akita Puppies have medium size straight legs with cat like feet. They have a curled tail at the back. They have a thick & macular body.

Coat & Colors of Akita Puppies:

Akita Puppies have double coat one is outer & second is undercoat. The outer coat is harsh & short haired while the under coat is dense & thick. The coat colors of Japanese Akita Puppies can be Red, brindle, or white, all with white fur but American Akita Puppies have black mask with sable colors.

Size of Akita Puppies:

The American Akita male Puppies weight ranges from 35 to 55 kg & female weight ranges from 35 to 50 kg. Height of the male American Akita Puppies ranges from 25 to 30 inches while the female height ranges from 22 to 26 inches. The Japanese Akita Puppies height & weight is somewhat lighter or less than American Akita Puppies.

Instincts of Akita Puppies:

If we discuss the temperament of Akita Puppies then it is right to say that Akita Puppies are very energetic, intelligent, brave & affectionate. They have territorial instincts. As I told into the appearance point that their skull look likes a bear, similarly they are very fast & speedy in their actions. They usually reserved from strangers.

Akita Puppies as Pet:

The people who like to keep puppy as pet at home then I only say that the Akita Puppies is the best option for you because these puppies are very cute, calm in nature& easy to care. The following points guide you on Akita Puppies as pet.

Akita Puppies with Children:

They are kind, affectionate & friendly with children or little kids. Their affinity instinct for kids makes them loving & pleasant. Sometimes, if an Akita Puppy is not train well or due to aggression your puppy can harm your kid so be careful & early training is very necessary.

Akita Puppies with Families:

They have Loveable & affectionate behavior towards the families. Akita Puppies are Protective nature towards the other family members especially in case of any threatening situation.

Akita Puppies with other Pets:

Akita Puppies can never live with the other pets or same breed of dogs. They can become aggressive towards other pets.

Exercise for Akita Puppies:

For reducing the aggression the mental & physical exercise is very necessary. You can keep your Akita Puppy with you on morning walks, joggings, evening walks, running & for playing lots of dog sports games in dog clubs.

Grooming of Akita Puppies:

The coat of Akita Puppies shed more so becareful & brushes their coat with a bristle Brush for removing dead hairs. Brushing after three or four days can helps you to reduce the amount of hairs from your different parts of home. Bathing necessary when you feel odor is coming from your puppy. Try to trim their toe nails whenever needed. Also give some extra attention to their ears & eyes cleaning.

Food for Akita Puppies:

The amount of food that you have to give to your puppy is basically depends on the age, size, energy level, growth level & metabolism of your Akita Puppy. Food for puppy is required almost two to three times in a day. Avoid grain based food because it can never be digested by the Akita Puppies. If you feel your puppy is gaining weight so you should reduce the amount of food but slowly not at once.

Training of Akita Puppies:

Obedience, socializing & leash training is necessary for a Akita Puppy. Don’t be harsh during training. Don’t adopt abusive training method. They are intelligent & energetic that’s why training is not a difficult task.

Healthy Problem with Akita Puppies:

Autoimmune Disease (can affect any part of body), skin disorder, blood disorder, skin and eyes problem can arise into the Akita Puppies. Diabetes & Hypothyroidism (leads towards the low activity of the thyroid gland) like diseases can also occur into the Akita Puppies. Right treatment is need to get rid or reducing these problems.

Maximum Life Time for Akita Puppies:

Maximum life time, which is suggested by the experts, ranges from 8 to 12 years. So, they can become you long time companion.

Akita Puppies Photo Galley:

Have a look at the very cutest pictures of Akita Puppies. Hope you will these pictures & article.

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