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| June 23, 2014

Pets for Home:

There are a lot of pert lovers in all over the world. They like to keeps cats, dogs, peacocks, hens, rabbits, horses & lots of other cute animals & birds at home. But the most commonly used pets for home are puppies/dogs or cats. Here we only provide you very interesting info on puppy as pet. There are lots of types of puppy but today we are going to discuss the Alaskan malamute puppies. This info which is given into the following points will surly helps you to select the accurate Alaskan malamute Puppy plus you can also get interesting & beneficial info on how you can keep these puppies as pet at home by knowing about their health issues, exercise, care, grooming, etc.

History of Alaskan malamute Puppies:

Alaskan malamute Puppies basically belongs from the Alaska, United Sates. These are used as sledge (a vehicle pulled by dogs) dogs on ice lands of North America. In simple word we call this dog as snow dog. Some other nick names of Alaskan malamute Puppies are Mal or Mally.

Appearance of Alaskan malamute Puppies:

Alaskan malamute Puppies are lager, heavy, & built dogs. They look like a wolf I appearance. They have a round shape broad head with a pointed muzzle. Their ears are of small size (in proportion of head) & high set in wedge shape. Alaskan malamute Puppies have medium size almond shape eyes. The Alaskan malamute Puppies with blue eyes are not acceptable, on the other hand dark brown or black eyes are acceptable. The feet of Alaskan malamute Puppies are very strong that they can very easily walk even in snowy weather. They have tail at back which can move right & left vey flexibly plus it can curls over the back.

Colors of Alaskan malamute Puppies:

White color is common in Alaskan malamute puppies. White with grey, white with black, white with brown and many other variety are include in Alaskan malamute puppies.

Coat of Alaskan malamute Puppies:

The Alaskan malamute has double coat. The under coat is woolly, oily and thick. The outer coat is coarse and crude. Alaskan malamute raises their coat in winter and shed in spring. Alaskan malamute hails from Arctic region because he has double and strong coat to endure himself from extreme cold.

Nature of Alaskan malamute Puppies:

Alaskan malamutes love their master and happy with children. They are intelligent & can learn various activities very easily. They have friendly behavior towards human beings due this characteristic they can never serve well as a watch dog. They can become a fantastic companion of & your family due to their loyal nature. Their prey instinct is very strong so, try to keep them away from other pets but if you give proper training to this puppy then they may show good behavior even towards other pets.

Alaskan malamute Puppies as Sled Dog:

Alaskan malamute Puppies are still in use of various kinds of snow sports activities due to their energetic characteristic such as pulling vehicle activity, carting & skijoring at various snowy areas. So, their usage as sled dogs is very important.

Alaskan malamute Puppies as Family Pet:

Now days, mostly people, who love to keep a puppy as pet at home,  are selecting Alaskan malamute as their family pert because this breed like to live with family also.

Size Info of Alaskan malamute Puppies:

Alaskan malamute has different gender size, male Alaskan malamute’s height is 25 inches and weight is 85 pounds while female Alaskan female’s height is 23 inches tall and weight is 75 pound.

Life Time of Alaskan malamute Puppies:

Mostly, the Alaskan malamute Puppies life ranges from the 10 to 12 years time period.

How to Groom Alaskan malamute Puppies:

If you want to groom you puppy very well then try to keep it clean & odorless. For this purpose you need to brush Alaskan malamute Puppies almost three times in a week. Take care about their food. Alaskan malamute Puppies are not too much foodie.

Exercise for Alaskan malamute Puppies:

If Alaskan malamute Puppies never exercised then some aggressive behavior problems can arise in them. So, try to provide them some mental & physical exercise chances. You can go on a long walk with your Alaskan malamute Puppy daily.

Health Issues of Alaskan malamute Puppies:

The chondro-dysplasia (disorder of the development of bone and cartilage) disease, Stomach disease (filled with air or gastric problem), hip dysplasia (abnormal hip disease) & canine diabetes Disease (when enough insulin is not produced) can arise in Alaskan malamute Puppies.

Training of Alaskan malamute Puppies:

Alaskan malamute Puppies are energetic, intelligent & well-affected. So all these characteristic makes their training a very easy task for you. Obedience training is very necessary for each dog pr puppy. So, masters always try to make their pets such as a puppy an obedient puppy.

Pictures of Alaskan malamute Puppies:

Here a picture gallery is shown. By looking towards the pictures you can get more info on their size, appearance, coat, colors & other aspects. Take a look!




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