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| July 21, 2014

Introduction of American Eskimo puppies:

American Eskimo Dog belongs to the family of Spitz. It had German as its origin but due to 1st world war this breed transferred from German to America & a new name was given to these puppies that are “American Eskimo Dog puppies”.  Some other names of this breed of puppies are Eskimo Spitz, American Spitz, German Spitz & nick name is Eskie. Basically, we can say that that the country of origin of American Eskimo Dog is Germany.

Varieties of American Eskimo dog:

It basically available into three sizes or varieties, 1st is toy, 2nd is miniature & 3rd is Standard. Here we are going to discuss the Standard American Eskimo Dogs or puppies.

Exterior of Standard American Eskimo Puppies:

These puppies mostly range from cream to white color. They have wedged shape head or face. Their ears have triangular shape but stand erect/vertical. They have beautiful curled tail at the back. It is said about their mouth that they have very strong jaws. They are popular because of their bite which is only because of their close fitted teeth or pivoted jaws. His coat is always white which mostly found heavy around the neckline part. Sometimes it has biscuit or cream color hairs mixed with most of white hairs. These puppies have black color nose, gums, eyes, & pads.

Temperament of Standard American Eskimo Puppies:

These Puppies have not aggressive in nature. They are loving & very affectionate. Due to their loving nature they like to play with kids even. They are intelligent. You can make a Standard American Eskimo Puppy a best performer by giving him best training on various skills. He starts to bark if a stranger enters into the territory of its owner. They can become the friends of people with a little introduction & affection. If a roper attention is not given to these puppies then they became hyper & hectic.  They perform well in various obedience trails due to their intelligence.

Grooming of Standard American Eskimo dog:

The grooming of puppies has a great significance because when a puppy is well exercised, well-trained, & well-brushed then he will become your best companion of life. As I told previously that these Standard American Eskimo puppies have hair on their outer coat so there is great need to cut their hairs regularly after the gap of 2 or 3 months. Try to brush their hair at least twice in a week. You should try to choose right kind of food for them. Bath is also necessary for them but avoid daily bathing because it can affect their skin. Try to bath them whenever you feel a need for it. Use special dog shampoo only.

Height of American Eskimo Puppies:

The height of each variety of American Eskimo puppies differs such as Toy American Eskimo puppy’s height ranges from 2 to 30 cm while the Miniature American Eskimo Dog’s height ranges from 2 to 15 inches or 30 to 38 cm. The height of Standard American Eskimo Dog or puppy ranges from 5 to 20 inches or 38 to 50 cm.

Weight of American Eskimo Puppies:

The weight of each Eskimo dog is also different. For instance the weight of Toy American Eskimo puppy ranges from 2 to 4 kg or 5 to 10 pounds. The weight of Miniature Eskimo puppy ranges from 5 to 9 kg or from 10 to 19 pounds while the weight of Standard American Eskimo puppy ranges from 8 to 5/16 kg or from 19 to 35 kg.

Regular Exercise for Standard American Eskimo Dogs:

There is great need of special kind of exercise for puppies so that you can the nature of your clam. The daily walk exercise is perfect for your Standard American Eskimo Dogs or puppies. These puppies like to play in an open yards. If you have small yard then there is no problem with them because they play even in small places. You can buy balls for them & try to play with them in leisure time. The more exercise will make an American Eskimo puppy happier.

Standard American Eskimo Puppy as Pet:

If you are one of those people who like to keep a puppy as pet at home then I suggest you to go with Standard American Eskimo Dogs/puppies. Because of the calm nature of these puppies they proves best pet animal at home. They can also serve as guard dog at home entrance. Their life expectancy ranges from 12 to 15 years. So, as pet animal they can serve you for a long period of time.

Pictures of Standard American Eskimo Dogs:

Here some pictures of Standard American Eskimo puppies are bestowed. Hope you will like this photo gallery.

Standard American Eskimo Dog puppies 2014 American Eskimo Dog puppies American Eskimo Dog puppies in white color black and white color American Eskimo Dog puppies


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