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| July 21, 2014

Charismatic charm of having a pet:

Kids of all nature like to have puppies as well as spaniels for their pleasure and enthusiasm. When they are alone and want to play with some one interesting they prefer some puppies for their camaraderie and friendship. Puppies will treat you in better way if they are guided in a specific manner and they are trained with obedience and submission. They become the best friends of yours at the time of entertainment and let you fun with them. Kids and people adore having different kind of spaniels, puppies and dogs.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Overture:

Cavalier spaniels are small in size and their names are cav, cavailier and cavie. These attractive spaniels are found in United Kingdom and often called English spaniel toys. These spaniels are the choice of the royal and noble families of England. King Charles ll always attempted to take with him two or three cute cavalier spaniel

Cavalier King Charles spaniel, outward show:

Charming cavalier spaniels are small in dimension and so cute in gaze. These spaniels have long downy hairs on all the body and around the hanging ears.  Their nose is black and eyes are in curved shape with black color. They have three types of colors with the blend of brown and white, black and white, with ruby and tan color. Their legs and tail are medium in size. Dewclaws may be aloof and teeth should be scissor level.

Cavalier king Charles spaniel, character and personality:

These charming Cavalier spaniels are so playful, snooping and generous. They do not feel shy when they are going to socialize with some unknown dogs. They are intelligent and have intellectual qualities like other spaniels. Spaniels are so hospitable and social able in nature and have a strong relationship with people who is teaching them or who is guide him. They are quite independent in nature and in its scenery. They have the convention to bark on person when they are entering in the house but cannot be appointed as a guard dog for their lovely nature.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Height and weight:

These lovely and cute Cavalier King Charles spaniels are quite different in height and their weight. specifically height and weights of male and female categories have some difference but this type of Cavalier King Charles spaniel have the same height for both male and female about 12 to 13 inches height and 11 to 18 pounds weight. These lovely spaniels may be live only for 10 to 14 years.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Health problems:

This smart spaniel has some hereditary problem. They are often suffering with mitral valve disease which is major factor of heart attack.  Some time hip dysplasia, luxating patellas and some eye problems that are genetic diseases.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel, special care:

Cavalier King Charles spaniel is most likely to do daily walk, and become active with this daily routine act ivies. They need daily brushing but trimming on daily basis is not appropriate for spaniels. They do not like too much warm climate and prefer indoor living for themselves. They become lazy and indolent if owner does not care for their proper exercise and training.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel, lovely selection pet:

Cavalier King Charles spaniel is so affectionate and friendly having smooth nature. They don’t become shy in interacting with others. They have also some nick names and because of their loyal and energetic habits they become preferable among the royal families and they like to join their company. All the discussed attributes of polite Cavalier King Charles spaniel are quite enough to keep them as a pet at homes. People like to adopt Cavalier King Charles spaniel because they like their company and they have some extraordinary activities which make them loveable. This stylish and trendy spaniel attracts people with their amazing appearance and personality.

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