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| July 19, 2014

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History of Australian Shepherd Puppies:

Today, we are going to discuss the Australian Shepherd puppies. If you pay attention on the name then you may think that this breed of dog belongs from Australia but in actual it is not accurate. The actual country of origin is United States. Yes dear dog lovers the Australian Shepherd puppies belong from & developed in U.S. The nick name of Shepherd puppy is Aussies or little blue dog. These puppies are usually useful on ranches and farms as a herding dog & sometimes also called rustic dog.

Exterior of Australian Shepherd Puppies:

He is a medium sized puppy with triangular shape ears which are usually set at the sides of head. Its coat is straight or sometimes with curl.  It is said that its coat has the ability of not to be affected by high weather conditions. The eyes are in mostly in oval shape & size is always medium. The colors of eyes may be blue, amber, hazel, and ranges among the various shades of brown. Australian Shepherd puppies have a docked tail. Australian Shepherd puppies are well-known because of their scissors bite. Their legs are short & shape of feet is like a cat.

Nature of Australian Shepherd Puppies:

Australian Shepherd puppies are usually very good, affectionate & lovable in nature. They like to play with balls. They are energetic working dog, brave & daring in nature that’s why they can prove themselves as a good watch dog at home. They are self-assured, quick to respond. They can learn mental & physical activities very quickly due to their attentive & intellectual powers. Australian Shepherd puppy is wholly faithful & proves a submissive friend for you.

Some Other Characteristic of Australian Shepherd Puppies:

Some other important characteristic of Australian Shepherd puppies includes retrieving, herding, watchdog, police work, narcotics detection, search & rescue. Alertness, competitive obedience and performing tricks are also some other important traits. They can lookout you home as guardian dog, & also serve as therapy dogs.

Colors of Australian Shepherd Puppies:

An Australian Shepherd puppy usually comes in a variety of colors su8ch as black, red merle, blue merle, white & chocolate.  The colors of Australian Shepherd puppies are usually detected from the color of coat. Look at the pictures & get more info on colors.

Height of Australian Shepherd Puppies:

The heights of male ranges from 19 to 23 inches or 50 to 58 cm while the height of female ranges from 17 to 20 inches or 45 to 52 cm.

Weight of Australian Shepherd Puppies:

Again the weight of male is always more than female Australian Shepherd puppy. The weighty of male ranges from 23 to 30 kg while on the other hand the weight of female ranges from 7 to 25 kg.

Exercise for Australian Shepherd Puppies:

They cannot sit free all the day, if it happens then they can indulge in some severe behavioral troubles. So, metal & physical exercise is necessary for them so that you can stop them from aggressive behavior.
For physical health a “Long walk” is necessary. For mental exercise you need to arrange some playful & learning activities for them otherwise without mental exercise they can become aggressive, impatient, annoyed, irritating & sometimes even harsh. Merely a long walk is not enough for then but along with it running, playing, chasing games & detecting activities are also necessary for them.

Life Expectancy of Australian Shepherd Puppies:

Mostly, the Australian Shepherd puppies can spends 10 to 5 years with you as a good pet.

Brushing of Australian Shepherd Puppies:

Australian Shepherd puppies usually have less hair on their coat or less shedder that’s why it is very easy for you to brush it. Because of easy brushing their care is a very simple task. There is no need for daily bath. If you feel that bath is necessary for you puppy then take your Australian Shepherd puppy for bath only once in a week.

Pet Australian Shepherd puppies at Home:

Australian Shepherd puppy is the best option for pet at home because they looks very nice & cute plus their friendly behavior towards the human beings increase their value & demand. So, without getting late you should buy an Australian Shepherd puppy as your pet at home.

Australian Shepherd puppies Pictures Gallery:

Take a look at the following picture gallery which is full of with the Australian Shepherd puppies.

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