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| July 19, 2014

Introduction of Australian Cattle Dog Puppies:

As the name shows that Australian Cattle Dog Puppies belongs or in other word we can say originated from Australia. Some other names of Australian Cattle Dog Puppies are Blue Heeler digs (because their heels are of blue color), cattle dogs (they sometime resembles from cattle) & sometimes abbreviated as ACD (Australian Cattle Dog Puppies). Australian Cattle Dog Puppies are powerful & determined dogs.

Outward Appearance of Australian Cattle Dog Puppies:

Australian Cattle Dog Puppies have a long body with medium size straight legs & round feet with prominent toenails. Their skull is broad. Australian Cattle Dog Puppies have oval shape dark brown eyes. Their ears are long, high set & in triangular shape. The jaws are very strong with scissor bite teeth. The whole face has an egg like shape with black nose. They have strong muscles.

Coat & Color of Australian Cattle Dog Puppies:

Australian Cattle Dog Puppies have basically a short haired & double coat. Their coat is also weather resistance. Mostly the colors in which you can but a Australian Cattle Dog Puppy are various shades of red & blue such as blue, red, blue mottled, red mottled, blue speckled, red speckled etc. these puppies born with white coat but with the passage of time their coast color can goes on to change. Along with different shades of red & blue the black, white & tan markings can also appear on different parts of body.

Height & Weight of Australian Cattle Dog Puppies:

Height of male & female Australian Cattle Dog Puppies basically ranges from 16 to 20 inches & weight ranges from 15 to 25 kg. Keep one point always in mind that there are slight differences between male & female height & weight. A rule of thumb is that the height & weight of male Australian Cattle Dog Puppies is always greater than the female Australian Cattle Dog Puppies.

How to Deal with Australian Cattle Dog Puppies as Pet:

For this purpose you need to know their temperament which I told into the next point. Then I draw light on their training & exercise. Furthermore I told about how you can care & groom your Australian Cattle Dog Puppy. Some other important points are also described which can helps you a lot in order to keep this type of puppy at home as pet.

Australian Cattle Dog Puppies Instincts:

It is said that Australian Cattle Dog Puppies are ranked as most energetic, intelligent, bold & meticulous. They like to play various games, agility, herding games, fly ball, fetching etc because their energy level is very high that’s why they cannot sit at one place. If they are not engaged into various activities then different physical, mental & behavioral problems can arise. The watchfulness is also a very important instinct of the Australian Cattle Dog Puppies. They can show a very protective behavior towards the owners, family members & kids if trained very well & affectionately. Due to their herding instinct they can bite other animals or sometimes even kids, so you should be careful. First train your puppy then keep him with other animals. They like companionship of human beings.

Exercise & Training of Australian Cattle Dog Puppies:

They need plenty of daily exercise. Without sufficient & adequate exercise they can become negative barkers. You can play with your puppy by using a ball. This game not only shows your affectionate behavior towards your puppy but also play a vital role into the mental & physical exercise of the Australian Cattle Dog Puppies. Jogging, morning & evening walk almost for half or one an hour are also the best options. Always try to train your puppy very affectionately not harshly. They are not the puppy of apartments but they like open yards. Due to their intellectual powers you can teach them a number of activities with proper training. Dog agility is also a best option. Weight pulling can satisfy their increased energy level. Skijoring is also the best option. They can be used as police dogs, drug detection dogs, cart pulling dogs after proper training.

Grooming & Care of Australian Cattle Dog Puppies:

When you read the passage of appearance then you will come to know that these puppies have a short haired coat so there grooming is a very easy task. You need a bristle brush for removing dead hairs from their coat. Try to trim their toenail regularly. Keep their ears clean. For this purpose you can examine your puppy’s coat, ears, toenails & some other parts of body almost once in a week. Bath your Australian Cattle Dog Puppies only when needed.

Food & Health of Australian Cattle Dog Puppies:

If you give proper food to your puppy with proper gaps then he will surely maintain a good health. Over food can leads towards the weight gaining problem. The deafness & blindness like issues can arise in Australian Cattle Dog Puppies with the passage of time. Proper care & feeding can leads them towards the 10 to 15 year life expectancy.

Pictures of Australian Cattle Dog Puppies:

Have a look at the following picture gallery which is full of with the Australian Cattle Dog Puppies!
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