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| August 7, 2014

Country of Origin of Beagle Puppies:

Beagle puppies are most famous in the United States. The country of origin of Beagle puppies is Great Britain. They are also known as English Beagle. They were developed by cross breeding of Harrier & some other types of English hounds.

Appearance of Beagle Puppies:

Beagle puppies are usually available in Small or Medium Sizes. Beagle puppies usually have a square shape body & their head is broad. The face shape is also square with medium size muzzle. Their eyes are large & colors of eyes may be black, hazel or brown. If we talk about their ears then we can say that the Beagle puppies have low set long & soft ears. A beagle puppy has a tail at back but never curls over. Front two legs are straight while back legs are bent. Their teeth are very sharp with strong jaw line & characterized with scissor bite. Their coat is smooth & with less hairs. Their coat is dense & double.

Colors of Beagle Puppies:

Beagle Puppies mostly available in each color but most common colors combinations in which they come are white & black, white & brown, white & red, brown & black, white or tan etc.

Easy Clean-up of Beagle Puppies:

Cleaning a Beagle Puppy is very easy task because these puppies have less hair on their coat so brushing is easy. Daily brushing in not required instead of it you can brush your puppy twice or three times in a week. This puppy never requires frequent baths. You can clean or trim their nails once in a week. Try to clean-up their low set ears regularly for avoiding any infection into this part of body.

Height of Beagle Puppies:

The heights of male & female Beagle puppies differ a lot. For example a male Beagle puppy height ranges between 13 to 16 inches while a female height ranges between 13 to 15 inches. It means that female Beagle puppy’s height is always less from male Beagle puppies.

Weight of Beagle Puppies:

Now let me tell you about the weight of Beagle puppies. This weight info helps you to check out whether you puppy has a reasonable weight or overweight. Again the weight of male Beagle puppy ranges from 10 to 2 kg or from 22 to 26 pounds while the weight of female Beagle puppy is always less from male for instance it may range from 9 to 10 kg.

Instinct of Beagle Puppies:

Beagle Puppies are funny, witty & comic in nature. They have welcoming behavior towards the people. They are intelligent; it means you can train your Beagle Puppies very easily. Due to their hunting instinct, they can never be trusted to live alone with other pets such as hare, rabbit etc. Appropriate mental & physical training can enhance their positive instincts.  You can play tracking games with your Beagle Puppy for the purpose of satisfying his tracking instinct. Mostly the Beagle Puppies can become aggressive, start snapping, biting & barking when they are not properly cared. So, try to give proper time & lots of physical exercise to your Beagle Puppy o that you can got a good companion.

Exercise for Beagle Puppies:

A long morning or evening walk is necessary for Beagle Puppies. Try to exercise with you puppy because exercise makes his joints very strong. You can play fetch games with your puppy because these games prove best exercise for them.

Beagle Puppy a Hunting Dog:

Beagle Puppies are usually developed for the hunting purposes. They have a very good sense of smell that’s why most widely used as hunting dog.

How to Care a Beagle Puppy:

Try to clean your home from those items & food which is not suitable for puppies healthy. A bed for puppy, some toys, and metal bowls for eating & drinking, special puppy food items & harness are some necessary items for a puppy perfect care. Along with all these items you need special types of towel & shampoo for your puppy’s bath, a bristle comb for brushing, toothpaste & tooth brush are also some of the very important tools for grooming your puppy. Train your puppy by given him basic obedience instructions on regular basis. Practice is required for learning. Try to socialize your puppy. Try to never disturbs your puppy during eating & sleeping because an interruption can hyper them.  How much a puppy can eat or Drink? Its answer depends on their age, health condition & size.

Maximum Life of Beagle Puppies:

Beagle Puppies life ranges from 11 to 15 years. So, they can become a long time companion of you.

Beagle Puppy as Pet:

Pet lovers, now I only say that you should prefer Beagle Puppy because this puppy is the most excellent choice with lots of characteristic. They show a very friendly behavior with every member of a family especially with kids. They usually grab things & even sometimes your kid’s mouth or hands but with a special training you can taught your puppy not to do this again. These puppies never like to live alone instead of it they want to sit & play with you. So, try to give quality time to your puppy. All above described points must provide you enough info on Beagle Puppies. Check out the beautiful picture gallery of Beagle Puppies.

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