Belgian Malinois Dog

| July 24, 2014

Charm of having pets:

Having pets in the face of dog or puppy has become the trend, because people enjoy the company of the dogs or puppies. Dogs and puppies attract the people with their playful and enjoyful activities. People like to have puppies for many reasons, they provide them a wonderful company, and they also protect them from some danger. Some people enjoy to train their dog or puppy in a best way.

Belgian malinois dog, prologue:

Belgian malinois dog is a small size dog look like German shepherd dog. They are found in Malines Belgium in late 1800s they are founded in four varieties. They are very intelligent and easily trained for the protection and guarding. In 1898 the city malines has formed a club for the encouragement of Belgian malinois dog.

Kinds of Belgian malinois dog:

Belgian malinois dogs have four kinds, Belgian sheepdogs, Belgian malinois, Belgian tevuren, Belgian groenendael. In most countries these all dogs are considered same as with the types of the coat.

Belgian malinois dog exterior manifestation:

Belgian malinois dog are in small size and have a square tough body, with triangular straight ears. They have a small black color nose, with medium size dark brown eyes. Teeth is of scissors level sharp as to the nature of the dog, because they takes trials and of are used commonly for the assistance of the police. They are distinctive in consistency only. They have a black mask on the face side. Ears are also in black color. They have a deep chest and the colors of the long hairs are fawn to mahogany with black markings.

Distinctive Height and weight of Belgian malinois dog:

Belgian malinois dog have the height from 25 to 26 inches, and females have 23 to 24 inches. The weight is for male is from 65 to 80 pounds and for females 45 to 60 pounds. Their life expectancy is about 13 to 14 years. Commonly all kids of dogs have distinctive heights and weights regarding male and female.

Belgian malinois dog nature, character and behavior:

Belgian malinois dogs are affectionate, loving and easily trained nature. They have intellectual qualities and have friendly nature and hardworking. They are also obedient and well mannered as with their kind. They do not easily entertain with strangers. They are consistent dogs and need a sovereign and qualified owner who can easily guide them according to do police work. Kindly interact with everyone which can be useful for them. They are dominating, cramped and serious as compared to the other dogs.

Appropriate care for Belgian malinois dog:

Belgian malinois dog should be cared properly and they need a suitable exercise with a long walk and jumping along with the mental exercise. In mental exercise they need obedience guidance because they have to work as a police dog. They should be brushing daily; it can be useful for the smoothness of their hairs. They prefer outdoor life so they should be enjoyed mostly in courtyard or in parks.

Belgian malinois dog sagacious selection as a pet:

Belgian malinois dogs are so lovely and have friendly nature. They are affectionate and often use for police work. They have distinctive nature and behavior, and often found in small size. All the above discussed features leave polite impact to select these dogs. For the implementation of your family picture Belgian malinois dogs provide you a huge reason to adopt it and enjoy the company of this obedient dog.

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