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| July 24, 2014

Origin of Belgian Tervuren Puppies:

Belgian Tervuren Puppies basically belongs from the Tervuren, a village of Belgian. They are also known as Chien de Berger Belge. The demand for Belgian Tervuren Puppies is high due to their lots of qualities & beautiful look.

Description of Belgian Tervuren Puppies Appearance:

Belgian Tervuren Puppies belongs from the group of herding dog. They have deep chest, straight legs & cat like feet. A tail at the back of Belgian Tervuren Puppies looks very nice. It has a square shape body. Their ears are high set, medium size & of triangular shape.  The pointed muzzle looks very impressive on their oval shape face. The coat is thick & double with colors black, gray, white & tan. Male Belgian Tervuren Puppies have hairs around the neck line like a beard. Mostly the Belgian Tervuren Puppies have hair like fringe on the front legs, down the back & on the tail.

Temperament of Belgian Tervuren Puppies:

Belgian Tervuren Puppies are very powerful & energetic, so they can become excellent police or guard dogs. They are clever, obedient, firm & sharp-eyed dog. An experienced master can terrain these Belgian Tervuren Puppies very skillfully without any harsh behavior because too much domineering can make your Belgian Tervuren Puppy very un-co-operative & stubborn with you. Belgian Tervuren Puppies can become very good companions of children but only if they are trained well & right from birth. Belgian Tervuren Puppy’s some instincts are chasing, mouthing, nipping & biting people, moving here & there, circling & spinning. So there is great need to train them very carefully & to teach them not to do this again with people. They need your time. If proper time is not given then they can become violent, aggressive & destructive.

Occupation of Belgian Tervuren Puppies:

Currently these types of dogs are providing their good service as a police & guard dog. So we can say that their recent occupation is guarding. Due to alertness & sharp-eyed instincts this occupation is perfect for them.

Training of Belgian Tervuren Puppies:

As I told into the temperament point of Belgian Tervuren Puppies that these puppies need a proper & right kind of training. So, if you have the experience to train a puppy then you can buy the Belgian Tervuren Puppy. The ways & manners according to which an owner handles his/her puppy are very important for setting the temperament of a Belgian Tervuren Puppy. So, I suggest you to get some info on training of Belgian Tervuren Puppy from a knowledgeable, experienced & well-informed person before buying this type of puppy. You can also keep the points in your mind which is told into this article. Companionship, playing various games, loving behavior, long walks, socializing, proper food & better living conditions can help you to train your puppy accurately.

Height & Weight of Belgian Tervuren Puppies:

The height if male Belgian Tervuren puppies ranges from 60 to 65 cm & female ranges from 55 to 60 cm. if we talk about their weight then we can say that the male Belgian Tervuren puppies weight ranges  from 30 to 35 kg while on the other hand female weight ranges from 25 to 30 kg.

Health of Belgian Tervuren Puppies:

Belgian Tervuren Puppies are not engage in severe kinds of health issues. Some diminutive problems which can arise in this type of dogs are Epilepsy (the disease of disorder into the nerve system), shyness (due to insufficient socializing), stomach problems (gastric), dysplasia disease (the enlargement of a body part occur due to unhealthy food & over eating), Skin Problems (allergies but can be reduced with proper brushing, trimming, bathing) & eye problems. All are minor & easily reduce able with some care.

Care of Belgian Tervuren Puppies:

These puppies have thick double coat & heavy hairs on the body so daily brushing is necessary for them. Use some special puppy shampoos for bathing. Try to choose those products for bathing which never harm their color or skin.

Exercise for Belgian Tervuren Puppies:

Daily Long walks are necessary for excluding aggression from your Belgian Tervuren Puppy. The dog agility trials, chase games, fly balls, herding activities, Schutzhund (a dog sport developed in Germany for testing various characteristic of dogs) & tracking games.

Home for Belgian Tervuren Puppies:

A medium size high rise apartment is enough for Belgian Tervuren Puppies.  Try to keep this apartment clean & airy so that Belgian Tervuren puppy can live comfortably & happily in it.

Life Expectancy of Belgian Tervuren Puppies:

The time period for the maximum life of Belgian Tervuren puppies which is suggest by the experts usually ranges from the 10 to 14 years.

Belgian Tervuren Puppies as Pet:

Belgian Tervuren Puppies can also be trained very successfully with various pets such as cats & other dogs. But an experienced master can do this. So, Belgian Tervuren puppy is the best option for you as pet at home because it not only becomes your good companion but the good companion of your other pets (but only with a proper training).

Picture Gallery of Belgian Tervuren Puppies:

Check out my picture gallery which is full of with the Belgian Tervuren puppies. By looking towards these pictures you will get more info about their appearance, colors, size & coat etc.

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