Information About Belgian Sheepdog Puppies

| July 24, 2014

Country of Origin of Belgian Sheepdog Puppies:

The name of the Belgian Sheepdog puppies shows that this breed of dog or puppy basically belongs from the Country Belgium. Some other names of Belgian Sheepdog Puppies are Belgian sheep dog & Chien de Berger Belgem.

Appearance of Belgian Sheepdog Puppies:

It is a puppy which ranges from medium to large size. The top of the head of Belgian Sheepdog is flat. They have almond shape eyes; their ears are high set & usually have a triangular shape. The front & back all four legs are straight & look like parallel to each other. Belgian Sheepdog feet have a close resemblance from cat’s feet. These puppies have a pointed muzzle (nose). Their tail at the back is usually with hock (the joint part between the knee and the fetlock) length. Belgian Sheepdog Puppies are double coat puppies. They have hairs on the whole body & legs. The Coat is dense which provide a good protection against heavy weather conditions. The original Belgian Sheepdog puppies generally come only in whole black color but sometimes with white or brown patches at body or feet or nose.

Temperament of Belgian Sheepdog Puppies:

Belgian Sheepdog is tidy, bold, attentive, and faithful by nature. High Intellectual power helps them to learn more skills. They are excellent watchdog because they keep themselves alert for a long period of time. Another important aspect of their nature is that they can become very good & excellent police and guard dogs. Another point about their instinct is that they know everything that’s going on around them very keenly.  In short this breed is very loyal, clever, funny, highly trainable & compatible to family unit.

Exercise of Belgian Sheepdog Puppies:

The body exercise is essential to keep a Belgian puppy glad and fit. Various puppies’ exercises such as chasing, fetching & long walks are preferable for the Belgian Sheepdog.

Care of Belgian Sheepdog Puppies:

Belgian Sheepdogs usually have heavy hairs on their body & legs so there’s great need to brush or comb their hairs regularly (on daily basis). The trimming of hairs is also necessary. Use some exclusive shampoo for bathing you Belgian Sheepdog.

Size of Belgian Sheepdog Puppies:

When we talk about the size of Belgian Sheepdog Height & Weight are two important aspects of size. The height of Male Belgian Sheepdog ranges from the 23 to 26 inches while the height of female Belgian Sheepdog ranges from 22 to 25 inches. If we talk about the weight of Belgian Sheepdog then again the weight of male is greater than the female. For instance the weight of male Belgian Sheepdog ranges from 28 to 34 kg & weight of female ranges from 22 to 26 kg.

Training of Belgian Sheepdog Puppy:

If a Belgian Sheepdog Puppy isn’t trained properly then this carelessness leads these dogs towards the aggressive behavior. They are bright and submissive dog, if you want to prevent them from becoming bashful or self-conscious then socializing is very necessary for them. For training you can teach them lots of skills through chase, fetch games, playing, walking & lots of other ways.

Belgian Sheepdog as Pet for Home:

The Belgian Sheepdog puppies are alert in nature & good watchdog. They can perform as Police Dog. So I think this kind of puppy is perfect for you. If you want to buy a pet for your home then go with this kind of puppy it will not only become your good companion but also takes care of your home.

 Anticipated Life Time of Belgian Sheepdog Puppies:

The life expectancy of Belgian Sheepdog Puppies ranges from 10 to 15 years.

Pictures of Belgian Sheepdog Puppies:

Hope you will surely like this article. Now it’s the time to check out the pictures of Belgian Sheepdog Puppies.

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