Powerful Belgian Shepard dogs

| September 20, 2014

Fond of having puppies or dogs:

Fond of having pet has greatly popular in modern world. Historically it was common passion of high ranking people but now trend of having pets are equally popular among the other classes of society. This trend is not only reserved from western but most of eastern people also like to have puppies or dogs according to their tastes. Some people like to have dogs or puppies for cute demonstrations and for complete their r family picture, other like them because of expression of power and vigor and some like them due to their guard like nature.

Belgian Shepard dog, introduction:

In this post we are going to talk about Belgian Shepard dog. This dog is basically popular due to its proportional body. This breed is special for its dominating nature. They are obedient but not submissive. They need more guiding and socializing. They need daily exercise for maintain their temperament. They are hard work and can’t sit freely. They need an owner who is active and firm.

Physical characteristics:

Belgian Shepard is well muscled and tight skinned body breed. His skull is flattened rather than pointed. His lips are tight, eyes are almond shape with brown color, and erected ears are triangular in shape and in proportion to head. His legs are straight and strong, feathered tail is strong and feet are cat like in shape. His coat is long and weather restraint with ruff fur around the neck, extra feathering at legs and underneath the body. His color is black and either solid with small amount of white on chest.

Instinctive temperament:

By nature, this breed is dominated and vigor. They are bright, obedient, protectors and determine, they need lots of socializing essential from early age. They can control from a confident master who is not harsh but firm and express his natural authority on it. Puppies should socially train right from their birth. They are excellent police dos and guards. They are protective by nature. They are keen, loyal and alert. They need more socializing before dealing with children and other pets. Daily exercise is essential to keep the mental and physical behavior. They are demanding and dominating. This breed also displays herding behavior sometimes. Person who want to adopt them must be know about their brought up and their background.

Some other essential features:

This breed has normal height 24 to 26 inches in males and 22 to 24 inches in females and their weight in males is 65 o 70 pounds and in females is 60 to 70 pounds. They have nor major physical heath problem. Some minor problem as skin allergies and some behavior problem can be seen. They are okay in apartment with sufficient space for exercise. Don’t over feed them they become lazy with that. This breed is working and craving for active outdoor life. They need long daily walk. Their normal life expectancy is 13-14 years. They have long, hairy and heavy outer coat which should be daily brushed. They require extra care when they are shedding. This breed is seasonal shedder.

Belgian shepherd dog as pet:

Belgian Shepard dog is extremely awesome selection for active and vigor people. People who are confident to control them can superbly enjoy their vigor accompany. These dogs are great for protective purposes. They are also loyal and obedient. They are demanding and very popular. Their working nature is also best feature of their nature. For powerful and authoritative people, this breed is fantastic selection.

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