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| August 5, 2014

Boston Terrier Puppies:

Today, I select the very cutest type of puppy which is “Boston Terrier Puppies”. These puppies are really very lovely & beautiful. If you want to adopt a Boston Terrier Puppy then you should have enough information about the accurate appearance of Boston Terrier Puppies plus on how you can care your Boston Terrier Puppy. So, don’t worries stay with us & update you with important info on this breed.

History of Boston Terrier Puppies:

Boston Terrier Puppies are basically originated from the United States. According to the ranking of AKC (American Kennel Club) Boston Terrier Puppies are on the rank of 23rd in their popularity in the America. Initially, the Boston Terrier Puppies were developed by the cross breeding technique. In the year of 1870, this breed was firstly shown into the Boston & become popular only in a very short span of time.

Appearance of Boston terrier Puppies:

Boston Terrier Puppies have basically a proportioned squared shaped body & face. Their eyes are black & have round shape. The erect ears look very impressive. Nose is black. Muzzle is deep & short. No wrinkles on the face. Their legs are straight with cat like feet. Chest is broad & a tail at the back.

Coat & Colors of Boston Terrier Puppies:

Its coats is basically short haired which usually have the color combinations like black & white, brindle & white, seal brown & white. Sometimes a combination of bridle, black & white can also possible. Mostly the chest part is white while some parts of legs & face are with white markings. Neck can also be in white color.

Boston Terrier Puppies as Pet:

After reading all the above points now you are ready for buying a right kind of Boston Terrier Puppy but don’t hurry up because if you want to keep this dog as pet at home then you must have information on its nature or temperament plus on how you can care, feed, exercise & train this puppy plus the, Size, Health & life span of Boston Terrier Puppies. So carry on reading this article because remaining info is given into the following points.

Nature of Boston Terrier Puppies:

Boston Terrier Puppies are very intelligent. They show a friendly & pleasant behavior towards their master as well as family members. The stubborn nature can also sometimes arise in their personality; it may be due to aloneness. They basically like human company & seek human affection. Try to give them proper time. They can pick up different tasks very easily.  The male Boston Terrier Puppies can perform well as watchdog due to their barking instinct when look a strangers on the door of owner. They are gentle, playful, calm & polite puppies. When proper attention is not given then they can become aggressive. They are alert & brave. Sometimes, they can show mischievous behavior. Boston Terrier Puppies have less behavioral problem.

How you can Groom Boston Terrier Puppies:

Try to keep your Boston Terrier Puppies clean as much as it is possible for you. Pay your attention on their toenails (trim regularly almost once in a week), bathing (for removing odor which sometimes comes from them), brushing (for removing dead hairs from coat) & cleansing of ears/nose/eyes with great care.

Food for Boston Terrier Puppies:

Try to use branded cans or tans of food which arte recommended for your Boston Terrier Puppies. These puppies are very greedy & gluttonous about food so be careful & don’t overweight them.

Exercise & Training of Boston terrier Puppies:

Due their fast intellectual power, training is a very easy task. Socialization training, obedience training & leash training are also very necessary. You should avoid the harsh behavior during training. They can learn various activities, tasks & works only in a very period of time. Daily walks, hide & seek, fetching, agility, fly ball & lots of other dog sports can play a vital role into their mental & physical exercise.

Health & Life Span of Boston Terrier Puppies:

Some eyes (watery eyes called cataracts), luxating patellas (mans patella dislocation when patella moves from its original position), ears (deafness), heart murmur (abnormal sounds during heartbeat cycle), round-cell tumor & skin allergy problems can arise into the Boston Terrier Puppies but if you care them properly then the chances of these problems can be decreased more & more. Regular examine of Boston Terrier Puppies from an experienced dog breeder can helps your puppy to live long life, which ranges from about 10 to 15 years.

Home for Boston Terrier Puppies:

Try to provide a medium size home with lots of windows to a Boston Terrier Puppy because they like open spaces. They are also okay with yards. Extreme weather condition can harm their health or coat so provide them safe shelters.

Recommended Size for Boston Terrier Puppies:

Experts say that normal Weight of Boston Terrier Puppies ranges from 4 to 12 kg while height ranges from 37 to 43 cm.

Pictures of Boston Terrier Puppies:

Now you can look at the pictures of Boston Terrier Puppies!

beautiful Boston Terrier puppies

black and white color Boston Terrier puppies

Boston Terrier funny puppies

Boston Terrier in cute puppies




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