Lovely Briard Puppies As Cute Pet

| July 19, 2014

Are you willing for having pet?

Usually people are leaning towards keeping puppies. It is becoming essential for complete family that you have must a cute puppy. In western countries having puppy is tremendously common. People are kept puppies as their family member. Children have great excited attitude regarding having puppies. Puppies are remarkable due to their ideal bound with humans being that’s why; people like to have puppies in their homes.

Briard puppies, brief introduction:

In this post we are going to talk about a special puppy which is famous from the name of Briard. Briard is basically French large and powerful puppy which has equal length according to his height. His head is large, long and rectangular shapes. His square shape black nose has open nostrils. His teeth meet as scissor bite and his eyes are set wide apart and are in black and brown colors but are covered with long hairs. He has string straight legs and long, well feather, J shaped, low cut tail. Briard have double coat, upper coat is coarse, hard, dry and full of locks but inner coat is smooth and tight fitted. They are in most black and gray colors but not in white.  Briard is intelligent, loyal along with good memory, Kind but strong defenders. They are sensitive, obedient, fearless and loyal. His owner must be very watchful. Briard need daily training, it is necessary that make them socializing from the early age. Authority makes them stubborn and from neglecting behavior of owner they can even aggressive. Briards are not for every one. They are suspicious and need daily leadership; his owner must be stern and confident.

Something special about Briard puppies:

Briard need daily exercise and walk, exercise problem can produce behavioral problem. In males, their heights are normally goes from 25 to 27 inches and in females from 23 to 25 inches and their average weight 75 pounds. Well groomed Briards are looked very lovely and beautiful but they have very hard and coarse coat that’s why, they need more grooming minimum for 2 hours. Their life expectancy is from 10 to 12 years. Due to large chest, they can have bloat and stomach problems and untreated then this problem can prove fatal. They like to live in small compartment in the house. They dislike live in kennels.

Briard puppies perfect selection as pet:

Briards are looked liked lovely and charming big toys which are covered with full fur. If these Briards are well trained and perfectly socialized, they are awesome blossom and first class pets. They are watchful and intelligent. They are best choice of selective and classy people who want to have a superb pet. They are powerful and brave and highly demanding. For proper growth, they need special food and suitable atmosphere.

Awesome expression of Briard puppy’s beauty:

Here we are going to shared highly awesome picture gallery which has excellent sights of Briard puppy. This exciting gallery will certainly grab your attention towards the Briard. Have an enchanting glance of below shared excellent and lovely gallery and think about elegant keeping of Briard as your pet.

long hair Briard puppies in brown color 2014 Briard puppies collection Briard puppies 2014 collection brown hair Briard puppies collection



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