Handsome Brittany Puppies, Lovely Domestic Pet

| August 6, 2014

Charm of having puppies:

People like to have beautiful domestic pet, puppy is really great and cute selection in this regard. People like to have puppy due to it loyal nature and its sweet appearance. Distinctive kinds of puppies are also great expressions of symbolic significance. some refers sweetness and some are great expressions of power and vigor. Domestic pet are really beautiful to complete a cute family picture.

Brittany puppy, prologue:

Here we are going to share superbly sweet and cute puppy, Brittany is French breed who is found in France in 1896. This beautiful breed is middle sized leggy puppy. His long but not wide head is in wedge shaped, muzzles are also medium and nose in wide demonstration is in fawn, tan and distinctive shades of brown and dark pink. beautiful eyes are in brown, amber and hazel shades related to the color of coat, triangular ears are set high and flat down near the forehead, feet are small having thick pads. Single coat is not curly but slightly feathered and this cute breed is in orange, black, white, liver and tricolors.

Brittany puppy instinctive and behavioral charachteristics:

Brittany is enthusiastically hunting, intelligent, easy to handle and pleasing puppy. By nature, he is gentle and adorable but independent animal. he needs mental and physical exercise to release energy otherwise he will be irritating and disturbing. If hunting is not available, owner should arrange daily pack walk. He needs confident, stern but clam owner who leading him at daily bases. Although they are gentle but setting of certain rules is essential. Socialize them in best possible way from puppy hood. They are always active and use for hunting small animals. They love for children also.

Distinctive noteworthy features of Brittany puppies:

They are not recommended for apartment life, they are opposing to cold. They are very happy with active owner. They need regular exercise to be normal. In Brittany males’ height is gone approximately from 18 to 21 inches and in females from 17 to 20. Their weight in males extends to 37 to 40 pounds and in females 30 to 40 pounds. Their life expectancy is from 10 to 12 years. Brittany can be victim of Seizure and breast cancer. Regular brushing is awesome thing to keep its coat lovely in condition. Bathe them when it necessary.

Brittany puppy awesome selection as pet:

Due to its loving and useful nature, Brittany is really fantastic selection as domestic pet. They are not stern and demanding but very loving and affectionate. They are intelligent and active at the same time. if you think about having a Brittany puppy, above discussed features will certainly more inspire you for having this lovely breed. This sweet puppy is not only sweet looking but also very sweet in nature if socialize him in best way.

Impressive expressions of Brittany puppies:

For conveying the charming grace of this lovely breed, here w are sharing an excellent gallery which has fabulous glimpses of Brittany puppies. Have an enchanting glance of below shared exciting gallery with admiring eyes and think about t5he fascinating having of lovely Brittany breed as domestic pet.

2014 Brittany puppies collection

Brittany puppies white and brown color

cute Brittany puppiesc collection

white and brown color Brittany puppies


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