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| August 5, 2014

History of Brussels Griffon Puppies:

Brussels Griffon Puppies are basically originated from Brussels, Belgium. This breed is recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC). In the ancient times, Brussels Griffon Puppies are used as minicab drivers. Although these are not very popular into the U.S. yet can become a very good & fine companion of you. Griff or Bruss are some other nicknames of Brussels Griffon Puppies. Sometimes they look like a monkey, that‘s why we can also call them monkey dog.

Group of Brussels Griffon Puppies:

Brussels Griffon Puppies belongs from the Toy dog group.

Appearance, Coat & Color of Brussels Griffon Puppies:

Brussels Griffon Puppies have medium size body with large size head & dome shape forehead, their dark colored round & big eyes looks very impressive. The semi erect triangular ears are also very cute. They have medium size straight legs with round shape feet. Their face & body is full of rough hairs. Brussels Griffon Puppies have a high set tail at beck. They have two types of coat one is rough haired coat which is opaque & wiry while second is the smooth coat which is sleek, short hairs & tight. When we talk about colors then Black tan, red, belge (a mixture of black & reddish brown) etc are commonly found.

Size of Brussels Griffon Puppies:

They are very light weight puppies because their weight ranges only from 7 to 11 pounds or 3 to 5 kg while the height ranges from 6 to 8 inches.

Physical & Mental Traits of Brussels Griffon Puppies:

Brussels Griffon Puppies are very powerful, intelligent, affectionate, calm & loving. They usually show a very sincerer behavior towards their master or owners. They are emotionally very sensitive & insightful. They are alert & watchful. Sometimes they show a gluttonous & choosy nature during eating food. Physically these are alert, strong & powerful while mentally they are emotional & intelligent. Try to socialize your puppy from the little age.

Brussels Griffon Puppies as Pet:

If you want to keep a Brussels Griffon Puppy as pet then you must have some essential info about their nature, size & appearance (which I already described into the above points)plus all about “how you can groom, feed, exercise, train your puppy”. For getting more info read the following points.

Grooming of Brussels Griffon Puppies:

As I told that there are two types of coats of a Brussels Griffon Puppy one is rough & other is smooth. A rough coat should require daily brushing while smooth one can be brushed after two or three days. Mostly it is said about the Brussels Griffon Puppies that they have no seasonal shedders. So, the grooming of these puppies is a very easy task. These puppies are short in size that’s why less time is required for cleaning these puppies.

Brussels Griffon Puppies with Kids & Other Pets:

They can never tease the children & spends a good time with them. Similarly, they can show fine behavior towards the other pets such as cats & dogs. If proper attention is never given to them then they can become emotionally sensitive, untrustworthy towards pets/kids, moody & aggressive.

Food for Brussels Griffon Puppies:

Avoid the grain based food. In case of overweight reduce the amount of food. You can use homemade as well as canned both types of food for your Brussels Griffon Puppies.

Exercise & Training of Brussels Griffon Puppies:

They are considered as the best puppy for home because they are active, dynamic, lively & vigorous at home or indoors. To accomplish their need of exercise a daily walk is enough. Due to their high learning ability they can learn lots of tricks very easily.

Home for Brussels Griffon Puppies:

They are okay with a small but comfortable residence.

Health & Life Time info on Brussels Griffon Puppies:

They have some eyes & respiratory issues, sometimes some other health issues can also arise such as partial paralysis. Mostly, it is observed that with proper feeding, care & grooming a puppy can live alive for about 10 to 12 years.

Brussels Griffon Puppies Pictures:

Have a look at the Brussels Griffon Puppies pictures, hope you like this gallery!

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