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| July 25, 2014

Bull Terrier Puppies as Pet:

Today, we are going to talk about the Bull Terrier puppies. Yes dear puppy lovers, if you want to buy a Bull Terrier puppy for keeping it as pet at home then you must have some information on this breed. Am I saying right? Of course! Yes. So, read this article carefully & thoroughly. I hope that it will give you enough information about how you can choose right Bull Terrier puppy plus how you can keep it as pet with proper feeding, care, grooming, exercise & much more.

History of Bull Terrier Puppies:

Let takes a start of Bull Terrier puppies from their very short background or origin. This breed basically Belongs from terrier family & country of origin of Bull Terrier puppies is England. They are also famous by the names of Bully & Gladiator.

Appearance, Coat & Color of Bull Terrier Puppies:

When you go to buy a Bull Terrier puppy then you must have info about their appearance, coat & color for selecting a right Bull Terrier puppy. Bull Terrier puppies have a round shape body. Their Skull is usually in egg or oval shape. They are well built & strong dogs. Their eyes are small, deep & almond in shape. The ears of Bull Terrier puppies are triangular in shape, high & deep set but with medium size. They have a black nose & a tail at the back with hock length. The feet of Bull Terrier puppies exactly look like a cat. They have dense & short coat with hard texture & less hairs. Bull Terrier puppies are mostly available in white color.

Nature of Bull Terrier Puppies:

Bull Terrier Puppies are trustworthy & submissive dog. Bull Terrier puppies are potentially aggressive towards the other animals but with proper training this instinct can be controlled that’s why they are not suitable for inexperienced people or owners. Early socialization of a small Bull Terrier Puppy with other animals will control its prey instinct. They are protective for owner & her/his family but cannot become good guard dog. Training of Bull Terrier Puppies may be a tough task for you because they are naturally stubborn. Great love & affection can make them a loving & protective family pet. They need companionship if you leave them alone then they can become aggressive. They are humorous in nature, brave, frivolous & energetic.

Cleansing of Bull Terrier Puppies:

As I told you that Bull Terrier Puppies have less hairs on their body as a result their brushing is very easy.

Height of Bull Terrier Puppies:

Basically we have two types of categories of Bull Terrier Puppies; one is Standard Bull Terrier Puppies & second is Miniature Bull Terrier Puppies. So their height also varies according to their type. The height of Standard Bull Terrier Puppies ranges from 50 to 55 cm while the height of Miniature Bull Terrier Puppies ranges from 25 to 30 cm.

Weight of Bull Terrier Puppies:

The weight is also varies according to their type such as the Standard Bull Terrier Puppies weight ranges from 24 to 35 kg while the weight of Miniature Bull Terrier Puppies ranges from 8 to 15 kg. The height & weight information of Bull Terrier Puppies helps you to estimate the require height & weight of your pet.

Exercise for Bull Terrier Puppies:

Exercise is very essential for this type of dog because if proper mental & physical exercise is not given then they may become very aggressive. So, one of the most important & easy exercise is to take your puppy for a walk into a safe area. Some other games which can help you to make your puppy physically as well as mentally strong are obedience exercises, fly ball, agility etc. don’t over-exercise you too little pup. Avoid jumping exercise for your little puppies because it can damage their soft bones.

Health Issues of Bull Terrier Puppies:

The most commonly found problem into the Bull Terrier Puppies is the skin Allergies, rashes or itching due to insect biting such as flea bite, mosquito bite etc. The deficiency of Zinc can also occur if never feed properly. So try to give them food full of Zinc such as oats, barley, corn, wheat etc. due to zinc deficiency the crusting of skin can arise around the head, nose, face & legs. Losing hearing sense is called deafness disease which is commonly found almost 25 to 30 present Bull Terrier Puppies according to a survey. They can gain weight very easily so, be careful about their proper diet.

Feeding of Bull Terrier Puppies:

Any change into the diet of Bull Terrier Puppies should be made gradually. For accurate quantity of food you can follow the breeder’s instruction or the tutoring which are given on the food pack. Don’t overfeed them. Proper nutrition information is also necessary for keeping your puppy healthy. Their jaws are powerful & they can chew things, so be careful about this feature they can chew anything & it can stuck into their throat & cause a problem.

Life Time for Bull Terrier Puppies:

The experts suggest almost 8 to 12 years as life expectance time for the Bull Terrier Puppies. So, you can spend lots of years (almost 10 to 15) with your companion puppy if you care them properly.

Pictures of Bull Terrier Puppies:

Have a look at the pictures of very cite & lovely Bull Terrier Puppies. Hope you will like this article as well as picture gallery!

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