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| July 25, 2014

English Bulldog Puppies as Your Pet:

Are you crazy about keeping puppy as pet at home? If yes then you must give some extra attention to this article that is all about the very beautiful & cute Bulldog Puppy. Yes I am talking about the English Bulldog Puppies.

Origin of English Bulldog Puppies:

Bulldog puppies are very popular into the U.S as well as among the British. The origin of Bulldog puppies is England because they were developed in England. They are also known as British Bulldog puppies.

Appearance of English Bulldog Puppies:

English Bulldog Puppies have a big skull, they have round shape black color eyes but ears are small triangular in shape, thin & high set. Bulldog puppies have dropping lips. Their nose is black with big nostrils. Bulldog puppy’s jaws are very strong & big. Their muzzle is short & the legs are also short. They have a tail at back it may be straight or curly.

Coat of English bulldog Puppies:

Bulldog puppy’s coat is short & dense. There are fewer hairs on the outer coat. Extra skin is usually hanging on their skull & forehead (sometime give a sad look to the English Bulldog Puppy).

Color of English Bulldog Puppies:

Bulldog puppies are available in a wide variety of colors as their coat maybe Brindle, piebold, Solid red, brown, yellow, fawn etc.

Temperament of English Bulldog Puppies:

It is said that friendly Bulldog Puppies are full of tolerant instinct, lighthearted, dependable, courageous, energetic & trustworthy. Sometimes they become naughty & playful. This breed is one of the gentlest types of dogs. Bulldog Puppies shows a very gentle & good behavior towards the children, they can be much attached towards the family members, your other pets & dogs but the early socialization is preferable. They seek human attention and company.  Sometimes they become stubborn especially when you try to take over them.  It is also observable that male Bulldog Puppies are more loving & affectionate than female Bulldog Puppies. Bulldog Puppies are full of power, liveliness & energy in their youth but usually gets slow down as they become aged. By nature they are messy eaters. They have some abilities of watch or guard dog.

Training of English Bulldog Puppies:

For Bulldog Puppies the obedience training is very necessary. You must adopt a non violent behavior towards the Bulldog Puppies during the training. They like to chew things so give them proper training on no to do it again. During training you should always move from easy to tough, for instance trained them on the rule of sit, stand, walk & then run. They are stubborn in nature so sometimes they may become inflexible during training but affection & love can change their behavior. A comprehensive study of various dog training books can helps you a lot.

Size of English bulldog Puppies:

Basically when we talk about the size of Bulldog Puppies then it means we are talking about their Height & weight. Height of Bulldog Puppies ranges from 30 to 38 cm while weight ranges from 21 to 25 kg.

Care of English Bulldog Puppies:

They have a less hair on coat so it is easy to brush their coat by using a bristle brush. Bath your Bulldog Puppy only when it is necessary. The skin of Bulldog Puppies which usually hang on face is requiring clean-up at least once in a day. You should always use a suitable & branded shampoo for bathing otherwise your Bulldog Puppy can engage in some skin allergies. Bulldog Puppies are sensitive towards the seasonal fluctuation, so keep them in cool environment into the summer season & in warm environment into the cold days plus always use lukewarm water for bathing in wintry season. Don’t forget to brush your puppy’s teeth.

Food for English bulldog Puppies:

Try to give a proper food to the very little English Bulldog Puppies almost three times in a day. The feeding schedule can be changed according to their age & size. Try to keep clean the water pot of your English Bulldog Puppy because they leave some scum init after drinking water.

Health problem of English Bulldog Puppies:

According to some surveys, which held into various parts of this world, some severe diseases which can be detected among this breed of dog into are cardiac (heart attack) & Cancer. Some little & minor problem which arise into bull dogs are Patellar luxation (a disease of misalignment of a joint or organ in 6 to 8 month bull dogs), dysplasia, eye allergies, cataracts, etc.

Exercise for English Bulldog Puppies:

Daily exercise like long walks is very necessary for the English Bulldog Puppies because if they never properly exercised then they can gain weight very easily.

Maximum Life Time:

English Bulldog Puppies life span ranges from 8 to 10 years only.

Pictures of English Bulldog Puppies:

Check out the very cutest & gentle breed of dog “English Bulldog Puppies” in to the following picture gallery!

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