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| August 6, 2014

Bullmastiff Puppies Introduction:

Today I am going to discuss all about Bullmastiff Puppies. Bullmastiff Puppies are basically originated from U.K. Bullmastiff Puppy belongs from the large breed dog. They are naturally guardian dogs for family members & owners. Here I will tell you about how you can keep it as pet at home. Furthermore, I will tell you about their appearance so that you can choose right Bullmastiff Puppy for you.

Exterior & Size of Bullmastiff Puppies:

Bullmastiff Puppies are usually large & energetic dogs. They have square shape face with black nose & big nostrils. Their high-set ears are usually in triangular shape & big in size almost reach to their cheeks. If talk about eyes then we can say that these are medium in size. Their teeth are strong & they have a scissor bite. Bullmastiff Puppies have medium size straight legs with cat like feet. They have hanging or wrinkling skin on the face or on skull. Their coat is short-haired & dense. It usually comes in different shades of fawn, red & brindle. The height of Bullmastiff Puppies ranges from 24 to 28 inches but remember that the height of female Bullmastiff Puppy is always less than male Bullmastiff Puppy. Similarly the weight ranges from 45 to 59 kg.

Bullmastiff Puppies as Pet:

Now I will tell you some important points. These points help you to keep a Bullmastiff Puppy as pet at home. So read this article carefully.

Care of Bullmastiff Puppies:

As I told you that Bullmastiff Puppies have a short-haired & dense coat. S, it’s easy to comb your Bullmastiff Puppy with a bristle hair comb. The brushing process will remove the dead hairs from their coat. Regularly trim the nails of Bullmastiff Puppies from their toe because their nails grow very faster. Try to keep their ears clean.  As I told you that they have hanging skin on the skull as well as around the Face so try to clean up their face regularly.

Temperament of Bullmastiff Puppies:

Knowing the Nature or temperament of a puppy is very necessary. If we talk about the nature of Bullmastiff Puppies then we can say that they are dedicated, loyal, faithful & devoted by nature. By nature they are guard dog. For instance they can look after you little kids. These dogs crave human company. If the owner communicates with a Bullmastiff Puppy very affectionately then these puppies show a very gentle behavior towards the other members of this family, kids & other pets. Due to their co-operative nature or temperament you can use it as pet at home.

Exercise & Training of Bullmastiff Puppies:

Obedience & consistence training is necessary for the Bullmastiff Puppies. Try to walk in front of your puppy because, in this way your puppy will learn that you are the only master or lord who can step first. Sometimes Bullmastiff Puppies show stubborn temperament which can become a hurdle in the process of training & exercise but if you deal with your puppy with great affection & love then you can change their negative behavior into positive.  Daily walks are necessary for Bullmastiff Puppies plus you can play lots of games with puppy at home in a safe yard. They do not like to repeat the same action. So you should try to bring versatility into their daily exercise. Tracking, Carting, Fly ball & agility are the best options.

Health Issues of Bullmastiff Puppies:

The life expectance of Bullmastiff Puppies which is estimated by the experts is basically ranges from 8 to 10 years only if Bullmastiff Puppies are cared & groomed properly. Some diseases which can raise into this breed are Hip & Elbow Dysplasia, painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints which is called Arthritis, accumulation of gas in the stomach called Bloat, Eye lid Problem called Entropion * some others.

Feeding Bullmastiff Puppies:

You should try to feed your Bullmastiff Puppy almost three times in a day. A proper nutrition based food is necessary. You can buy exclusive branded puppy food packs from markets. Don’t try to keep all food at once or once in a day because it can affect their stomach.

Home for Bullmastiff Puppies:

Try to provide a comfortable home to your Bullmastiff Puppy. A home should be designed in such a way that it can tolerate the severe weather conditions because if the home is not protective again extreme weather (hot or cold) then your puppy can become ill.

Bullmastiff Puppies Pictures:

Her you can check out the very cutest picture gallery which is full of with the Bullmastiff Puppies. I hope that you will like this article because by reading you will get enough information on how you can keep your Bullmastiff Puppy as pet at home plus the pictures guides on the right selection of Bullmastiff Puppy.

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