Facts About Canaan Dog Puppies

| August 4, 2014

About Canaan Dog Puppies:

Canaan Dog Puppies are very popular in all over the world due to their unique & traditional dog like appearance. Here I am going to tell you all about the Canaan Dog Puppies. Read the following point carefully.

1)    Origin of Canaan Dog puppies: Canaan Dog puppies are basically originated from the Palestine, Jordan & Lebanon like areas of this world. It is also called “Israel’s national breed”. This breed is also used most widely in Europe& American. Canaan Dog puppies are one of the oldest dogs.

2)    Appearance of Canaan Dog puppies: Canaan Dog Poppies have usually a wedge shape skull with hazel shades of almond shape eyes, triangular shape erect ears & pointed muzzle. Canaan Dog puppies have Scissor bite teeth. Their body is proportioned & usually has a squared shape. Their legs are straight with cat like feet. A tail at back which can curl over when this dog shows happiness or pleasure.

3)    Coat of Canaan Dog puppies: These dogs have a double coat; one is outer coat which is dense, harsh & rough while the inner coat is lavish, soft & straight.

4)    Colors of Canaan Dog puppies:  Canaan Dog puppies are comes in a variety of colors such as black, red, white, tan, brown, sandy etc.

5)    Size of Canaan Dog puppies: The height of Canaan Dog puppies ranges from 18 to 25 inches, while the weight ranges from 20 to 25 kg approximately.

6)    Instincts of Canaan Dog puppies: if we talk about the natures or temperament of the Canaan Dog puppies then it is right to say that these puppies have a very strong barking instinct. They start to bark, especially, when they saw a stranger. They are very much devoted for their master or owner & always ready to please the master. Canaan Dog puppies are intelligent & energetic. They are very loving & caring towards the family members & kids. These are highly territorial in nature.

Canaan Dog Puppies as Pet:

If you like this breed of dog & want to buy a cannon dog puppy for keeping as pet at home then you must have enough knowledge about how you can feed, groom, care & train your pet. So, read the points which are given below & increase your knowledge.

1)    Care & Grooming of Canaan Dog puppies: basically the Canaan Dog puppies have fewer hairs on their coat, so it is very easy to groom or brush their coat. You can use a bristle brush after one week for brushing. They are basically less odor dog. You should also try to clean their eyes, ears & toenails regularly.

2)    Exercise of Canaan Dog puppies: They are naturally working dog & that’s why never like to sit idle, so exercise is very necessary for Canaan Dog puppies. For fulfilling this instinct you can take your puppy on daily walk, morning or evening walk, jogging or running. Dog agility is also the best option. Right left exercise, fly ball activity & other sports are also the best ways of exercise. Furthermore, the herding sessions & games can also play a vital role in their physical & mental exercise.

3)    Canaan Dog puppies with other Pets: Good with other pets but a care is required because in case of any aggression they can harm the pets. For reducing this fear you have to give a special training to your puppy.

4)    Canaan Dog puppies with Family: Canaan Dog puppies show a very affectionate & loyal behavior towards the family members & if trained well, then they can really become a trustworthy animal or pet.  They usually bark on strangers.

5)    Canaan Dog puppies with Kids: They never shows aggression towards kids instead of it they are very good with kids, even, they can become defensive against the kids when your kids are playing with other kids. Sometimes they can show aggression towards other kids.

6)    Health & Life Time of Canaan Dog puppies: Canaan Dog puppies are considered as one of the healthiest dogs. There are no hereditary health issues, no ear or eyes infection problem no heart or dysplasia problem (if these diseases can occur by chance then their rates are very low). That’s why; the life expectancy may be 15 or more years. There are only a few chances of occurring Epilepsy, a neurological disorder, in Canaan Dog puppies.

7)    Training of Canaan Dog puppies: Canaan Dog puppies are very intelligent & that’s why they can learn very quickly but sometimes feel bore with repetitive tasks.  So, train a Canaan Dog puppy is really a very simple task. Mostly, the leash, obedience training & socialization training is very necessary. Don’t harsh during training process but show s very affectionate behavior.

8)    Feeding of Canaan Dog puppies: Canaan Dog puppies should be feed with great care. Avoid the grain based food items. Homemade food can also be used. A balanced diet is preferable. Give food from two to three times only in a day. Don’t make your puppy picky eater.

9)    Home for Canaan Dog puppies: If your dog exercised well then it can live even in a short room. Try to provide a comfortable home with a proper yard for playing. These dogs are usually active indoors.

10)    Canaan Puppies as Watch or Guard Dog: Due to their barking instinct they usually show wiriness towards strangers that’s why they can serve well as watch or guard dog.

Pictures of Canaan Dog Puppies:

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Canaan Dog puppies in white color

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