How Owners Can Take Care of Their Little Puppy?

| February 19, 2016

Guidelines to Take Care the Small Pet Dogs:

brilliant care ideas for small pet dogs owners
If you are owner of a puppy I mean a little one then dear you are so lucky because I am sure this puppy will be going to become your best companion into the future. Little puppies are so cute & mostly people like to keep tiny ones instead of larger dogs but these also needs lots of care, attention & affection. If you are planning to buy a little pup or you recently bought, in both cases you must need to update yourself with the important points that can help you to take care of your puppy in a very brilliant & good way. Here I illustrate some points. Read carefully & remember!

•    First of all when you bring a new little puppy at home, then I think after the next place that you should visit with your puppy is a veterinarian. Yes, go to a doctor (who deals non human animals).  Try to allow the veterinarian to examine your puppy as a whole. Ask about vaccination (if any required). Plan a regular check up routine (if required).

•    Little puppies need food almost three to four times in a day because they are passing from a growth years so they need food for growth. Give food to your puppy in food bowls that must be set at one place so that your puppy will know where he/she should go for eating food. Always buy quality food for your pet. Ask from veterinarian about food, if you never know.

•    Provide a comfortable shelter to your puppy. You can find lots of indoor puppy houses or outdoor. Choose one that you like. For little puppy I think an indoor home is best idea so that you can check your pert at any time.

•    Try to established a good bathroom routine so that you puppy will never scattered any mess in your home.

•    Try to pay attention towards your little puppy physical grooming. Cut the nails, trim hairs if required, one bath is required in one week, bring separate towels & shampoos for your pet. Brush teeth.

•    Pay attention towards the mental grooming of your pet, talk affectionately. Welcome your pet with warmness.

•    Try to socialize your pet. Let your pet to meet with your guests, friends & neighbors. Let to play your pet with other animals so that your pet not only socializes with human beings but also with other non human beings.

•    Think about the exercise as you need exercise to keep yourself fit similarly, your pet also need exercise. Take your pet with yourself on long walks & jogging or at evening walks. Play a fly ball game & such other games.

•    Help your pet to learn obedience. Tell your pet that you are the master so he/she should obey you. Tell your pet to obey you when you give food. Help your pet to learn different little things such as when you said “sit” then your pet should immediately sit down & when you said quiet then your pet should immediately stop barking & so on. All these will help you to control your pet in a good way.

•    Try to add an identification tag into the neck of your dog with leash. So, if your pet lost somewhere then this tag (that contain on your name, telephone number & address), will help to find your pet.

•    Try to keep your home fully secure. I mean repair broken windows, broken doors, add fence or barriers around your garden area so that whenever you let your pet to play freely here & there in your home then your pet can never go anywhere.
•    Offer plenty of love, affection, attention & loyalty to your pet so in return you can also get these all from your pet.



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