Special Types of Miniature Puppy Carriers

| February 19, 2016

How to Choose Right Pet Carrier?

I have a little dog that I kept at my home as pet. I love him a lot. I want to carry my pet on different events, parties, long walks as well as when I go for jogging then I want to keep my pet with myself. I know if you are also the owner of a miniature dog then you also love your pet a lot & want to take this pet with yourself. But the question is how you can carry your pet with yourself? By holding in your hands? Well, it’s not a good idea because when you hold your pet in your hands then you cannot move freely here & there. It can become a little bit tricky, difficult to handle & unpleasant for you. It can also cause severe pain in your hands. So, you need to buy a pet carrier. You can find a variety of pet carriers. If you like then you can shop online. But before shopping you need to get enough knowledge on different types of pet carrier so that you can choose a right one for your pet. Here, I collect different types of pet carriers. Always keep some points into your mind while buying a pet carrier;

•    It should be of accurate size. I mean measure your pet size & then buy a right size of carrier. The carrier should not be too large or too small.
•    Keep the seasonal requirements into the mind. In winter season you need a pet carrier then can also protect your pet from the cold of weather but it have enough holes for respiration. Similarly, in summer you need a pet carrier that is open & provide enough natural atmospheres to your pet.
•    Pet carrier should be made with strong & high quality stuff so that it can bear the weight of your pet.

By looking towards the pictures you can get an idea about various types of pet carriers. Let’s take a look along with brief description!

Back Pet Carriers Bags:

back small pet dogs carrying ideas

First type of pet carrier is the back pet carrier. This is usually worn on the back side of shoulders like a back pack. When you carry your little puppy in this carrier then of course you & your puppy both can enjoy the trip/outside visit. Girls & boys both can use this style of pet carrier.

Pet Carrier Bags Attached on the Front of Cycle:

cycle small pet dogs carrying ideas

If you want to go outside on your bicycle then try these pet carriers. These can be attached on the front part of the cycle. It the same place where usually girls like to kept a flower basket but it’s the time to replace flower basket with your lovely pet carrier.

Handbag Inspired Tiny Pet Dog Carriers Bags:

fashion pet carrier dog hand bag ideas

These pet carriers are designed by taking inspiration from a handbag. These look stylish & funky. So, you can take your little puppy in this style of carrier if you like. These are especially designed for girls. Boys cannot use this pet carrier.

Front Pet Carriers Bag Idea:

front small pet dogs carrying ideas

These are front bag style pet carriers. If you like snuggling with your pet then it is the best option for you. Enjoy cuddling by holding your puppy very close to your arms & belly. I think it’s a good way of showing care or love for your pet. Hug or embrace your puppy very tightly by using this style of carriers.

Modern & Stylish Pet Dog Carrier Ideas:

modern small pet dogs carrying ideas

For those people who are fashion conscious, these modern style of little pet dog carriers are just perfect for them. These are also looking just perfect for the summer season. As you like to wear shorter clothes in summer similarly use these light weight strappy style pet carrier for your tiny puppy in this summer season. In this comfortable position you can move your body freely even you can dance with your pet if you like.

Sling Pet Carriers Ideas:

sling small pet dogs carrying ideas

This is a traditional style of pet carrier idea. It is called sling style pet carrier. In the past, the working women usually like to carry their little kids in this style of carriers. Now, in this modern age you can make sling style carrier at home simply by using a piece of cloth or you can buy these from the shop.

Pet Carriers with Wheels:

small pet dogs carrying with wheel

Try this ultra modish idea! A pet carrier with wheels is best for you. A tiny dog may be faultily injured or wounded by someone in a crowd but these carriers with wheel ensure safety & act like shelter for your small dog even in crowded places. For winter season these fully covered pet carriers are just perfect.

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