Train Your Beloved German shepherd Puppy with Easy Ways

| February 2, 2016

How I can Train my Germen Shepherd Puppy?

1 best Ways to Train a German Shepherd puppy

Germen Shepherd is one of the most common & beloved breeds of puppies into the world. Mostly the western people like to keep a German shepherd as pet. This dog is a very smart breed & popular because of it working & herding abilities. Human beings love German Shepherds due to their intelligence & cleverness. When it comes to train this breed of dog then we can say that like human beings some German Shepherd are clever & learn very fast while requires repetition & some are moderate in learning. During the training of a puppy you need to be patience because animals learn different things after great effort & affection. During learning process you need steadiness & consistency. We know that practice make a man perfect similarly practice makes a puppy to learn in a best way. Try to starts the training at an early age. Always try to train a puppy in an affectionate way. During training try to keep the external doors, gate, broken & low window close. If you follow all these point during training then believe me training will become very easy for you.

Initial Training-Where to Eat, Sleep & Bath?

First of all try to tell your puppy about the three basic things where he should eat, where to sleep & where to bath. Always provide food to your puppy in a bowl & fix a place for this food bowl. Whenever you want to feed your puppy then take your puppy to this specific place & let him to eat food. In this way as the puppy will grow, he will be very well aware from the place where he should go to eat food. Similarly make your puppy’s habit very strong about a specific place to bath & sleep. This training is also known as daily routine training. Remember, if you puppy never eat food within 13 to 14 min then remove the food from the place. It is because your puppy should always eat food when you want not when he wants. When you puppy eaten up food then empty the food bowl & only add food in it when you want to give food to puppy. In this way, you can also avoid your puppy from over eating & over weight. Always fill a bowl with water & keep it on a specific place so that whenever your puppy feels thirsty then he can drink water from this bowl. Keep this bowl near food bowl.

Owner’s Respect & Obedience Training:

You dog should always obey you because you are a master. Let your puppy to know who is the master & he should always obey the master. Your dog or puppy depends on you for life, health, grooming, food exercise etc so you can teach him to obey you because if the puppy will not obey you who will give food to you & who will take care.  In obedience training, train your puppy not to jump on you as well as on other people, always walking with you, not to snatch food from you, never pester you, not to grumble with you, listen to you & follow your instruction.  You can help your puppy to learn all these instructions by using reward game. For example if your puppy follow your instruction then give a reward to the puppy because this reward will surely reinforce your commands & your puppy will follow your instruction. You can give reward in the form of treats or food. it is said that reward game is like a great motivator for training puppy but use it less not for all the time because sometime it may cause problems because your puppy will follow your instruction only when he is hungry (because you are giving a reward to your puppy in form of treat) otherwise he will avoid you. During walk when your dog try to go on the opposite side by smelling something or when he watching new things, so in this case you have to stop him by pulling the dog leash. This will help your puppy to obey you.

Words Learning Training:

Try to train your puppy to understand some common & everyday use of words such as sit down, stand up, yes, no, stop barking, greet guests, quiet, come here, don’t touch, look (with hand sign) etc because all these words help you & your dog what to do or what not. Continuously use these words during feeding your puppy. When you are spending time with your puppy I mean during clipping of nails, when you give food or medicine, when you are removing splinter, on a long walk, during exercise then try to use these words.

Socializing Training:

Try to socialize your puppy with your friends, neighbors, other family members who live in other cities but come at your home on every weekend, with little kids & with other animals. Try to teach your puppy not to discriminate between genders because sometimes puppies meet with women very affectionately but show a harsh manner with men so teach them to be polite with both genders & greet with those people very politely whom you already introduced. You can reduces the doubts, fears, shyness & other stresses of your puppy only via socializing, if you dog never go up on stairs, worries when listen vacuum cleaner voice, emergency sirens etc then its only socializing that can reduce these all fears. Socializing should be started from an early age of puppy such as within the 7 weeks to 15 weeks after the puppy’s birth when puppyhood ends then it never means you will end socializing but it will continue all the time & all the life. Take your puppy with you on morning walks & let him to meet with the people whom you usually interact in your social circle.

Important Points:

•    Train your puppy during exercise.
•    Attend puppy training classes for best training.
•    Get training ideas from other experienced people who already have a trained German Shepherd Dog.
•    All dog barks because it’s natural. When they bark on strangers then you can stop such strangers barking by introducing your dog with your nears & dears. Dog bark only for guard you from strangers. If your dog barks madly then stop the crazy barking by stopping his food.
•    Stop dog biting by giving a chew toys or chew material.
•    Tell your dog which habits are allowed in your home or what not. Tell your dog not to jump on counters, not to break household items,

If you never train your  dog from the early age then don’t worry starts training now it may be a little bit tough but never impossible. Hopefully, these all points will help you a lot in training a German shepherd.

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