What Type of Food Items & Supplement is Necessary for Pets Health & Growth?

| February 2, 2016

Healthy Food, Essential Vitamins & Growth Supplement Ideas for Dogs:

1 pet dog  vitamins and food supplements for better growth

You are very well aware from the fact that when you eat something wrong then you becomes ill similarly when you never feed your pet properly then of course your pet will also become ill. As human beings needs necessary food items for staying healthy & for better growth similarly pets also needs essential food items & supplements. When we talk about pets then I think the name of dog come at the top of the list. Yes, many people who are living in western countries, they try to own a pet (dog) so that they can spend their leisure time with loyal companion. Similarly some owns cats, some like birds & some prefer creeping creatures. Mostly, birds needs different variety of seeds as food while cat’s food include animal & plant stuff & the dogs also needs food that is to some extent similar to human beings but there are some items that are good for human beings but wrong for dog or for a puppy. So, if you are also an owner of a pet then of course you need to update yourself about what type of food you should give to your pet dog & what supplements are necessary for the dog. Let’s starts!

Food for Pet Dog:

When it comes to food for dog then it is usually divided into major categories. One is the dry food that is also called kibble food & the other is wet food that is also known as canned food. The dry food is a type of food for dog which is available at pet food store. It is made with grains, beans & other necessary ingredients. All ingredients are chopped or grinned well & then packed into the packets. Wet food is also a type of pet food that is preserved into the cans (aluminum cans, plastic tubs & glass jars).

Suggested Dry Food for Dog:

2 Meaty Meals Chicken

1-Meaty Meals Chicken, it is a dry food item for dog with complete meaty taste that usually dogs likes to eat. Dog love meat & the meaty taste of this food will surely make your dog to fall in love with this food item. It is food item that include proper proteins, fats, minerals & other necessary vitamins. The brand bakers offer best for dogs. For everyday feeding it is a best food item for your pet dog.
2-Vitalin Original Dog Food, it is another type of complete & balanced dry food item for dogs. The ingredients that are used into the making of this food item are cooked wheat, cooked barely, soya, cooked sweet corn, meat, marrowbones etc.

Suggested Wet Food for Dog:


3 Spencers Deli Chicken with Beef Dog Food Tins

1-Naturediet Tray Adult Dog Food with Chicken, rice & vegetables, it is a high quality adult dog food full of proteins that will help in maintaining the dog’s muscles, bones, teeth & skin. It will also help in order to boost up the working of immune system of your dog. It is a complete & balanced diet for dog.
2-Spencers Deli Chicken with Beef Dog Food Tins, it is another type of wet food that is best for the young dogs. Not best for very little such as six or eight months dog. Once you opened the tin then try to use the food ASAP & store in refrigerator.

Similarly, you can find different brands of food items on the pet food store & you just need to buy a suitable for your pet dog. Keep in mind that each food item is made for supporting dog’s health but with different nutritionals plans. So, you need to choose a perfect plan for your dog.

Homemade Pet Dog Food Recipe:

4 Mauli Loaf Recipe

Now days, different owners never like the artificial food items for their dear pet dog so they try to make food at home that is called homemade food for pet. Well, for making such food you need to have a full grip on different ingredients & the existence of vitamins, minerals & nutrient into the food items so that you can combine the best food items with each other for the creation of a balanced food item.  Here is an amazing homemade food recipe for your pet dog.

You need boneless chicken, barley (if not available then you can use brown rice or oats), fresh vegetables & water. First you need to cook the vegetables & rice into water then add chicken & cook well. It is called Mauli Loaf Recipe. You can also add eggs in it if you like. The quantity of all ingredients depends on the age of puppy.

How much I should feed to My Pet Dog?

Well the answer of this question depends on the following key points;

1)    Age of your pet dog
2)    The level of activity/Exercise (the dog who are less active/exercise less usually needs less food while more active dogs need more food)
3)    Weight of Dog, by using food you usually obtain an ideal weight that is neither less nor more so when it come to dogs then you need to give more food to those dogs who have less weight than ideal weight & you need to give less food to those who has gained lot of weight.

Treats for Dogs:

5 Large Crunchy Roll and Fetch Balls by Peppers
During exercise or obedience training usually owners like to give treats or rewards to their dogs so in this regard the suggested treats are;

1-Pedigree Markies Puppy Biscuits
2-Large Crunchy Roll & Fetch Balls by Peppers

Keep in mind that extra use of treats can helps your dog to obtain too many calories so use treats but carefully. You can also try veggies based treats. At one time try to avoid giving three or four treats. Just give one treat at one time. You can also try apple slices as treats.

Why Supplements & Vitamins are Necessary for Pet Dog?

You may be thinking that along with food sometimes owners give supplements & vitamins to dog but why? Well just like human beings needs supplements & vitamins for solving joints problems, energy problems, skin allergies, teeth problems, hair falling problems & digestive or immune system problems similarly pet dog needs supplements & vitamins. Just like human beings use a doctor prescribed vitamins & supplements similarly you need to give veterinarians suggested supplements to dogs.

Natural food is not enough to fulfill the requirement of healthy & growth because of storage of cooked food leads towards the loss of vitamins & minerals, furthermore the acid rains are decreasing natural ability of food to provide proper vitamins, minerals, proteins etc, the extra use of artificial fertilizers is also decreasing the efficiency of food items, the growing demands of food items are leading towards repetitive framings of food that ultimately decrease the fertility of land & then the use of fertilizer become common that leads towards less efficient food items production. This less efficient food fails in order to fulfill our requirements of vitamins, minerals, proteins etc so we need artificial vitamins & supplements.  When it comes to pet then in market you can find lots of vitamins & supplements for dogs such as;

C-Caps for those dogs who eat less
Performance Plus as name show shows for increasing the performance level of dogs  
Sea Jerky for Dogs is used for solving joint problems
6 Sea Jerky for Dogs

Similarly you can find lots of but always use a veterinarian suggested.

Brands for Dog Food:

The top brands that offer pet food are P&G (Procter & Gamble, an American multinational consumer goods manufacturing company), Bakers, Nature’s Variety (private company offers dog & cat food), Blue Buffalo (natural pet food company founder was William Bishop), K9 Natural & so on.

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