Whether True Love Exists Between Owner & Dog or Not?

| January 28, 2016

Secret behind Unconditional Love among Owners & Dogs:

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Have you ever tried to think why people, who have pets in home, love their pets just like they love their kids or family members? Whether this love is just an attachment or it’s true? Someone said that “Dogs (other pets) are not rational because they are animals but they can see inside of a human.” Do you agree with it? Well, I agree with it because I usually observe that when an owner of a pet (dog) regularly take care of his/her pet & feed their pet regularly then of course a lovely relationship build between both owner & pet. Most commonly used pet around the world is dog that’s why here I mention dog & owner love specifically.

Different recent science researches discover a hormone that is called oxytocin, it is usually formed in brain & appreciably considered as a hormone that accepts the message of “love, embrace or link” from human being & animals. It is a very important hormone & present in both sexes. At first it is said by the researcher that it only exists in females but later they prove that it exits in both genders. It is the hormone that brings couples near such as couple of mom & kid, husband & wife, brother & sister, you & your pet. A newborn kid is just like an animal because this kid has no rational thinking. This newborn baby never knows who is who? But this baby can identify the mother because the mother hugs baby lots of time, kiss her baby, take care & so on. All this affection is because of oxytocin hormone in mother & baby that ultimately creates an unconditional love between mother & kid.

So, due to this hormone, when you hug your pet or gaze your pet with love then it is only oxytocin, which promote love between you & your dog. It builds trust & kindness between dog & owner. It not only maintains the relationships but also makes it long lasting. Consequently a very good companionship & friendship established between dog & owner. Dog starts to understand their owner & owner starts to understand the dog & both become “best friends”. So, due to this hormone we feel love for dogs as well as for other human beings. So, keep on talking, gazing (into each others’ eye), kissing & touching to your dog for creating a strong bond. Hopefully, this complete article will surely helps you a lot in order to understand the main theory that works behind your love for your pet. Due to this love your dog always runs to greet you when you enter in home. When you look towards him then it’s only love of your eyes that allows a dog to lick you. When you rub the back of the dog with affection then your dog calm down, feel relaxes & comfort. So, keep in touch with your pet & set up a full of love connection. Best of luck!



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