Lovely Chow Chow Puppies As Pet

| July 26, 2014

Fond of having puppies:

Most of people like to have puppies in their homes. Puppies are really good selection as pet. They are also great exposure of great living style. Puppies are really preferred to complete family picture. Puppies have very ancient and close emotional relationship with human beings. There are many examples of puppy’s loyalty. They are really awesome and beneficial as keeping a family member.

Beautiful chow chow puppies, introduction:

In this post, we are going to share superb kind of puppy who has name of chow chow puppies. Chow chow puppies are belonging to northern china and closely resembles to lion like exterior. This is one ancient god breed that still exists on the world. They are large and have two main distinctive features; they have black blue tongue and straight hind legs. His head is large with flat skull. He has large black nose with open nostrils, chest is deep and wide, almond shape eyes with dark color and close set. His coat has tow opposite form, smooth or rough. They are in rustic red, black, cream and fawn colors.

Instinctive and behavioral natures of chow chow puppies:

Chow chow is really loyal and close to attracted with owner. They are stubborn and aggressive by nature so they need constant training and socializing. Their owner must be confident, clam but stern and firm, only this way they can be best trained. They are dominated so to keep them under your domination daily training is essential. chow chow are good to be trained when they are young if the owner is not admired by them till the age of adolescent they can’t be kept under control.  They are protective for the owner and have very deep sentiment for owner so if you can successeded  in socializing chow chow then they can be prove as best selection. But if you are meek or not dominated then keep in mind they are aggressive and eager to be ruler.

Some other noteworthy things about chow chow puppies:

Owner should keep attention at the diet of chow chew; the diet chart depends upon psychological characteristics. They are heavy builders so keep them fit by preventing over weight so that they can save from hip injury. Their normal height is about 20 to 22 inches and weight is approximately 50 to 70 pounds. To be normal in their behavior exercise is necessary for them; they can be lazy without exercise. Their life expectancy is about 10 to 15 years. Due to heavy coat regular brushing is essential as grooming.

Chow chow as pet a lovely selection:

Chow chow is really fantastic selection as pet. They are realty beautiful and have close resembles to the lion, by nature it is also some behavior characteristics who are related to loin’s instincts. So chew chow can be great choice of vigor people. They are superbly beneficial for home as well but just the need of socializing them in well way.

Awesome expressions of chew chow puppy’s beauty:

Here we are sharing an awesome exciting gallery which has excellent exteriors of chow chow. Have an impressive glance of shared gallery and select chow chow puppy for your own home as lovely pet.

skin color Chow Chow puppies

beautiful Chow Chow puppies

black color Chow Chow puppies

Chow Chow puppies collection 2014

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