Lovely Collie Puppy, An Elegant Selection As Pet

| August 6, 2014

Fond of having puppies:

These days people are considered a pet as essential for the right expression of their elegant living style. According to people’s own nature they select puppy who can best exposure of their standard style. Some people preferred puppy as domestic pet due his loyalty and strong bounding with human, some like to have them for the vigor expression of power and some have the concern of fulfilling their cute family picture. Puppies are really awesome as having pet. They are superbly fantastic in their relationship with human beings.

Collie puppies, prologue:

Here we are going to share highly fantastic kind of puppy which belongs to Scotland, in 1879 first collie was imported to the U.S. the collie club in America was established in  1886. Lovely collie is medium size puppy and has tow types, one is rough who has long hair on her coat and one is smooth who has short hair on her coat. Rough collie has thick and harsh coat which is ruthless for touch and a spongy and furry undercoat which is so thick that real skin is difficult to see. Smooth collie has short and impenetrable flat coat with thick under coat. Collie comes in predominately in white and black color but blue merle and sable is also conspicuous in their tricolor demonstrations.

Instinctive and behavioral attitude of collie puppies:

Collie is amazingly intelligent, sensitive, easy to train, loving, protective and has the quality of developing an excellent companionship with human beings. She is good watchful dog having suspicious and curious nature. She is barking but not aggressive dog. She likes enjoy with her family and playing with kids. She is basically a herding dog and her instinctive herding skills are really strong. They also need regular leadership with not in stern and strong manners. She barks in irritating situations and even when she is feeling bore. Along with being smart and active, they are highly loyal and devotee puppies. They need also of being socialized in their early age for this positive and caring attitude of owner is demanded.

Something noteworthy about collie puppies:

They need daily exercise to be fit and normal. In collie males go to the maximum height of 24 to 26 and females go from 22 to 24. They have approximately 50 to 70 pounds weight. Although they are healthy breeds but can be victim of allergies, hip dysphasia, progressive retinal atrophy, eye anomaly and dermatomyosits. They are recommended to provide daily high quality dry food from 2 to 3 cups. Their grooming is depend upon their kind. Although they are clean puppies but Rough collie needs thoroughly brushing due to their thick and long hair coat. Brushing one in week is enough for smooth but twice is necessary for rough. Trimming of nails and brushing teeth is also essential to keep them sustain and good looking clean puppies.

Collie puppies as fantastic choice as pet:

Due to her lovely nature and charming personality, collie is really especial and awesome selection as keeping puppy. They are very loyal and extremely intelligent. Due to their friendly nature, they are ideal as keeping domestic pet. They are very affectionate to kids. This breed is also very gentle with other pets and protective for them.  If you have the superb idea of having collie, above characteristics of this lovely breed certainly has enhanced your charm of keeping sweet collie.

Fascinating glimpses of collie puppies:

Along with deep discussion about the character of collie, for further conspicuousness here we are sharing an excellent gallery which has fantastic glimpses of beautiful collie puppies. Have an impressive glance of share gallery with admiring eyes and think about the charming having of collie puppy as your lovely domestic pet.

black and white color Collie puppies
cute Collie puppies collection

white and black color Collie puppies

2014 collection Collie puppies


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