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| July 26, 2014

Introduction of Dalmatian Puppies:

Dalmatian Puppies are very popular in all over the world. The demand for puppies is very high especially in west because they like this creature very much. We all are aware that there are lots of types of the puppies. One of these types is the Dalmatian Puppies. So we are going to discuss it in detail.

Appearance, Coat & Color of Dalmatian Puppies:

Dalmatian Puppies have unique polka dots like appearance. They are Strong. Their head is Large, long & wide. Dalmatian Puppy’s nose may be black, brown, gray or blue while their eyes have round shape. Dalmatian Puppies have triangular shape hanging ears. They are known because of their scissors bite teeth. A tail at the back looks very nice. Dalmatian Puppies have long legs with cat like arc feet & prominent toenails. The coat is plain & white when these puppy born but with the passage of time the black or brown spots start too appeared on it. First time, only some spots appeared within one month of birth & then gradually appear more & more.  Dalmatian Puppies mostly comes in lemon, brindle, tricolored, blue-grayish colors etc.

Background of Dalmatian Puppies:

The roots of Dalmatian Puppies usually met with Dalmatia so it is called Dalmatian Puppies & its country of origin Croatia. The nickname of Dalmatian Puppy is Dal while some other names are Carriage Firehouse, Watch, Guard dog etc .

Traits of Dalmatian Puppies:

Dalmatian Puppies usually have excellent stamina that’s why very energetic. By temperament they are playful & happy nature. Dalmatian Puppies can behave well with children & family. If they are socialized well then their mental & physically aggression can vanished. They need companion ship & like to live in the company of human beings or horses. They require lot of exercise.

Dalmatian Puppies as Pet:

Dear puppy lovers! Here I am going to share some very important points & info on Dalmatian Puppies which helps you to bring up you puppy. Dalmatian Puppies are good choice for family dog.

Size of Dalmatian Puppies:

The Height of Dalmatian Puppies ranges from 20 to 25 inches while weight is from 20 to 30 kg but the height & weight of male Dalmatian Puppies is always greater than female Dalmatian Puppies.

Food for Dalmatian Puppies:

It is said about the Dalmatian Puppies that for them the purine type protein based food is not recommended because Dalmatian Puppies lack the enzymes (a substance which is produced by a living organism). So, mostly experts prefer canned food for Dalmatian Puppies instead of beef & meat. Also avoid the usage of asparagus.

Life Span of Dalmatian Puppies:

Mostly the Dalmatian Puppies life time ranges from 9 to 13 years but if you cared them properly then they live more than 13 years.

Exercise for Dalmatian Puppies:

Running & walking are best exercises for the Dalmatian Puppies. They are energetic & powerful that’s why exercise is very necessary otherwise they can show aggressive temperament. You can keep your Dalmatian Puppy at jogging on every morning. Agility is the best one. You should spend almost half an on exercise of your puppy at every morning & evening. They are like a brilliant child who can become bored from various easy activities so try to bring versatility in activities & exercise.

Health Issues with Dalmatian Puppies:

This breed is usually lives a healthy life but some health issues or problem which can rise into for Dalmatian Puppies are Deafness & Hyperuricemia (when the level of Uric Acid becomes higher in Blood). Proper treatment can reduce these diseases to some extent but removal in not possible. Some skin allergic issues can also arise.

Occupations of Dalmatian Puppies:

Dalmatian Puppies have very high & strong senses of smelling, watching & hearing, so they can be used as watch dog, war dog & guard dog. Dalmatian Puppies usually show friendly behaviors loyal that’s why they are trustworthy. Another amazing occupation of for Dalmatian Puppies is hunting, it is only because o their strong hunting instinct.  They can also lots of interesting activities in circus, if they are trained well. Due to intellectual power of learning various activities, they are used for a number of occupations.  They serve well as guard or fire brigade dog for protecting home from fire & they are better again thieves.  They can serves as carriage dog due to their energetic powers.

How to take Care of Dalmatian Puppies:

A bristle brush can be used for removing dead skin cell from the coat of Dalmatian Puppies. It is easy to care or groom a Dalmatian Puppy because its coat is plain I mean without hairs. Great attention should be given to toenails. Try to trim nails once in a week plus try to clean their hanging ears with a soft stuff.

Picture Gallery of Dalmatian Puppies:

Have a look at the pictures of Dalmatian Puppies. They are looking really very cute & lovely.

2014 Dalmatian puppies

collection of Dalmatian puppies

Dalmatian puppies black and white

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