Reasons of Your Dog Aggression

| August 29, 2016


There is a major problem for dog owners about their pets which is “Aggression”. It is sometimes quite difficult to handle and an easy way to cope with dog aggression is to understand the reasons behind it. Understanding the causes make it quite easy to overcome the problem. The dog frustration comes from many things.

What is aggression?

Aggression is a symptom of an underlying cause. In some cases aggression is categorized as normal appropriate and other times it is not appropriate.  Whatever the case is, aggression always arises from an underlying cause which must be known by the owner.

Causes of dog aggression:

To know the causes of dog aggression read the article thoroughly. It would help you in understanding the causes and how to cope with the situation as a response of a specific underlying cause:

Aggression can be caused due to pain or discomfort

Aggression as a response of pain is a normal condition and in some cases the dog develops the habit of responding in an aggressive manner even where the pain is no longer an issue. This is something very important to know about the dogs is that they don’t show the pain unless it is quite intense. A dog becomes aggressive only when there is physical pain, dental issue, arthritis, sore paws, digestion problems or joint pain.
Some other conditions which bring discomfort to your dog may also cause aggression which is poor health, lethargy, depression, fatigue, irritation, jealousy and other negative feelings.

 Fear and anxiety bring aggression

These two come under the common causes of the dog aggression. They may be caused due to some issue which may need to be treated with medicines. Fear in dogs may be specific or targeted. Some dogs may be afraid of children, bicycles, some specific person etc.
Anxiety can also be generalized or vague. The anxiousness may caused in a dog when he doesn’t know what will happen and what way ho would react in some certain condition. They may feel fully insecure at times.

Frustration might also cause dog aggression

Frustration is another cause which might contribute to the dog aggression. The degree of frustration may vary and sometimes it may go on its peak. There are few conditions in which a dog might get the frustration such as when they feel trapped or they feel that their needs are not being fulfilled properly. A dog might also get frustrated when he is insisted to do something against his will. Dogs might get frustrated when Personal space may not be respect or they have Confusion about expectations and or punishments and when Being blocked from accessing a desirable thing.
Examples of dog aggression include Redirected aggression, Leash aggression, Boundary or Fence aggression.

Physical aspects of dog aggression

There are so many things about aggression which go beyond what has happened before and what is happening at the right moment. Here are a few things which influence aggression:

o    Genetics
o    Congenital disorders, conditions and diseases
o    Temperature
o    Hormonal levels and receptor density
o    Neurophysiologic
Environmental factors may also contribute in Dog aggression

Dog aggression may also be caused due to some environmental factors which include:

o    Boredom
o    Nutrition needs
o    Diet effects
o    Need of exercise
o    Predictability of schedules and routines
o    Noise
o    Social interaction

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