East European Shepherd As Lovely Pet

| July 23, 2014

Charm of having puppy or dog:

In modern period, people like to enjoy the exiting accompany of dogs and puppies. This animal has natural capability of developing emotional attachment with humans. People like to have dogs and puppies for several purposes, some people like dogs for protections, some want to enjoy their companionship and some want to express their power and strength through the having of dog. Dogs and puppies are also preferred for training and use for several significant purposes.

East-European Shepard, prologue:

Here we are going to share highly exciting kind of dog name as east-European Shepard. This special dog is basically created from German Shepard. This Shepard is long in format, above the medium large size and well developed dog which has relief muscles, head is in proportional to body in wedge shape and rounded forehead. Its lips are tight with pigmentations, nose is wide and black, teeth are large and meet in scissor bit and eyes are with close fitting striking colored eyelids and are in medium oval dark color.  Its ears are medium and high set. Its chest is wide and back is strong. Legs are straight and strong and belly is tucked up. Its coat is in medium length and has well developed undercoat. Common colors are saddled, grey, black, tan and agouti.

Characteristics of east-European Shepard:

This dog is fantastically loyal for the master and obedient but can be vary for the strangers. It is tremendously awesome as guard dog. It protects his master at every cast. This breed loves to work and want to do several things. It is active and energetic dog. During training it wants to achieve pack leader status. It’s natural for dog to have pack in order and when humans are with them, they become their pack and entire pack control by one leader. There should be clear and obvious roles and regulations for this breed. In unhappy mood it can express its anger through growling and biting so for control such activities master should be firm and confident but gentle. Socialize it in best possible way and develop an emotional attachment with this vigorous breed.

Something noteworthy about eat-European Shepard:

They can be okay with an apartment with sufficient space for exercise and can also live in cold climate outdoors. This dog needs lots of exercise, brisk, jogging and daily long walks. They can be fabulous selection of active and jogging lover people. Let your eat-European Shepard to run besides the bicycle. Take him in open field or woods where it can run by his own heart and can release its mental and physical energy. This breed have the normal height in males is from 28 to 30 inches and in females from 24 to 28 inches. Large height is desirable in this kind of breed.  Checks its nose, ears and paws regularly and bathe them when it is necessary.

East-European Shepard as lovely pet:

This vigorous dog is awesome selection of powerful people. Most of people like their comp[any for protection. They are tremendously loyal and confident. Not easily convincing but by socializing they can develop very strong emotional attachment. East-European Shepard is dominating but if the master id constant he can control it by proper leadership. This breed is marvelously awesome for protection purpose.

Awesome glimpses of eat-European Shepard:

Here we are sharing excellent glimpses of east-European Shepard in an exciting picture gallery. Have an impressive look of below presented alluring gallery with appreciating eyes and think about the impressive having of east-European Shepard. Enjoy the marvelous picture gallery.

East-European Shepherd dog photos 2014 East-European Shepherd  dog black and skin color East-European Shepherd dog East-European Shepherd dog ideas


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