Facts About American Foxhound Puppies

| June 23, 2014

Background of American foxhound Puppies:

The Country of origin of American foxhound puppies is U.S. America. It is basically a breed of dog which belongs from foxhounds. English foxhound is the cousin of American foxhounds. That’s why we call it American foxhound puppies. The colors in which this breed is available are white, black, tan, blue & in almost all colors. Peoples of America initially use this bred of dog for hunting. In the year 1886 this breed was first recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Appearance of American foxhound Puppies:

It is basically a taller dog. He has a long & broad head. His ears are low-set or in dropping style with medium length. He has a long & large black nose. His legs are usually long & straight. Muscles are usually in string & straight. They have fine bones. They have wide eyes & color of eyes may be brown or sometimes hazel. Their upper body or chest is narrow & also long tail at the back.

Traits of American foxhound Puppies:

It is said about American foxhound puppies that they are gentle, calm, loving, affectionate & friendly in nature. They are brave because they serve as hunting dog. They are also active & energetic. They have a strong sense of smell. They can run fast especially in case of chase games. That’s why they are most widely known as hunting dogs. If we further talk about their temperament then we can say that they are gentle in nature, independent & sometimes stubborn or mulish in nature but handled with great affection.

Exercises for American foxhound Puppies:

Basically a Long walk is required for them. Try to walk with a dog in such a way that dog walk behind of you so that you puppy will understand that you are the actual Aristocrat of him. You can also play a game of fetch by using a ball with your American foxhound puppy, this will surely prove a best exercise for him or your puppy can run along with your cycle. With the help of exercisers obedience training can also be given to an American foxhound Puppy.

Health Issues of American foxhound Puppies:

These puppies can gain weight very easily so be careful about their food or feeding. Don’t over-food them. This breed of puppies is usually free from the genetic diseases. A disease that can be spotted in them is the disorder of the blood coagulating mechanism due to improper functioning of blood platelets. But don’t worry because various regular blood tests help you to stop this disease into your American foxhound Puppy.

Life-Time of American foxhound Puppies:

Usually exerts of dogs declared almost 10 to 13 years as a life expectancy period for the American foxhound Puppies. Due to this extra large life expectancy they can become you lifelong companion.

Height American foxhound Puppies:

The height of American foxhound Puppies ranges from 20 to 25 inches. In order word we can say that their height is usually ranges from 50 to 65 cm.

Weight of American foxhound Puppies:

If we talk about their weight then usually it ranges from 30 to 35 kg or 60 to 75 pounds.

Care of American foxhound Puppies:

The care of American foxhound Puppies is very easy because they have no hairs on their outer coat instead of it they have a thin coat which can be very easily cared. A weekly brushing can reduce the shedding. Try to provide a fenced yard to these puppies.

American foxhound a Right Pet for You:

The American foxhound Puppies are ideal pet for those people who live at countryside or in rustic areas because American foxhound Puppies can run fast. They serves well as watch dog & can perform the job of oversee an area in a very well manner.

Picture Gallery of American foxhound Puppies:

For more info you can check out the following picture gallery. If you also one of those people who like dogs or puppies then I think the American foxhound Puppy is the best choice for you because they are calm in nature & can also serve as watch dog at your home plus there is no generic diseases in this breed.






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