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| August 2, 2014

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German Shepherd Dog:

Today, on this page I am going to tell you all about the German Shepherd Dog. If you like this breed then read this article. German Shepherd Dog is the most popular in all over the world.

Background of German Shepherd Dog:

German Shepherd Dog basically belongs from the “Germany” the country of origin. These were formally known as Alsatian Wolf Dog but now mostly famous GSD or Berger Allemand. This breed belongs from the herding group. They served as rescue, police & military dogs in the past as well as again in the present era.

Appearance, Coat & Color of German Shepherd Dog:

German Shepherd Dog is large & strong. They have a proportioned body. German Shepherd Dogs have round shape forehead with almond shape eyes, black nose, erect ears, strong scissor bite teeth, front straight legs but back legs are curved. The coat may be of three types one is long haired coat, double coat & affluent coat while the colors of black & tan.

Nature of German Shepherd Dog:

German Shepherd Dog is very brave, devoted, obedient, attentive and daring. By nature these dogs are jolly & loveable. They show submissive behavior towards their master. They have confident, sober and intelligent. German Shepherd Dog’s learning ability is very high. Very simple task can learn only in few minutes. Due to strong senses of smell & watch they can serve well as police, guard, rescue, military, search & guard dogs. They can attack on small dogs; can bite animals & humans beings due to their hunting or herding instincts. Training is required before keeping the German Shepherd Dog with other pets or dogs. They show protective behavior towards the owner as well as towards other family members. Never shows friendly behavior towards strangers. German Shepherd Dog needs early socialization.

German Shepherd Dog as Pet:

When you buy a German Shepherd Dog then you must have information on how you can keep this breed as pet. So read the following points & get some tips.

Care of German Shepherd Dog:

The care of German Shepherd Dog depends on the type of coat. If you have a long haired German Shepherd Dog then daily brushing is very necessary. You can use a bristle brush for this purpose. If the coat is with fewer hairs then you can remove dead hairs from coat after two or three days. In simple word you need to keep their coat clean & tidy. Pay an attention on the toenails & if necessary then trim the nails but carefully. Clean the ears & face. For bathing you can use a branded shampoo for German Shepherd Dog. Their coat can shed faster so brush them regularly.

Normal Size info of German Shepherd Dog:

The weight of male German Shepherd Dog ranges almost from 31 to 39 kg whiles the weight of female ranges from 22 to 32 kg. If we talk about the height of female German Shepherd Dog then it can range from 21 to 25 inches while the height of male is greater than female it can be from 23 to 27 inches.

Exercise & Training for German Shepherd Dog:

These dogs are highly intelligent & can learn various activities & exercises very easily. They like to go on a daily walk. Running & jogging can also proves best exercises for the German Shepherd Dog. If proper exercise & training is not given to the German Shepherd Dog then they can show aggressive & harsh behavior. An experienced person can only deal with this breed.

Food for German Shepherd Dog:

Try to give qualitative food. There are basically two big categories of food which comes into packets. One is the dry food & second is the wet food. The dry food has more nutrition than wet food. So for a young German Shepherd Dog dry food is preferable while for an older age German Shepherd Dog wet food is preferable because they cannot chew the dry food but the wet food is required in more quantity then dry food.

Living Place for German Shepherd Dog:

When it comes to provide a home, to a German Shepherd Dog then be sure that you are providing a comfortable apartment. In generally, German Shepherd Dog likes to live in big places & open yard instead of indoor room.

Health of German Shepherd Dog:

Various kinds of problems can arise into the German Shepherd Dog such as dysplasia (hip & elbow), stomach problems, neurological disorder & a problem of conscious proprioception in which due to the lack of conscious proprioception the German Shepherd Dog always stand with his/her both legs together & some other problems.

Pictures of German Shepherd Dog:

Take a look at the pictures of German Shepherd Dog into the following picture gallery.

2014 collection German Shepherd Dog

brown and black color German Shepherd Dog

cute German Shepherd Dog collection

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