About German Shepherd Obedience And Protective Nature

| July 22, 2014

German shepherd:

German shepherd basically originated from the country Germany. They have large sized proportioned body. German shepherd has almond shaped eyes & triangular shaped erect ears. The nose is often black. They are very powerful, energetic & intelligent dogs. German shepherd is liked mostly in the U.S.

Is German shepherd Obedient and protective?

There are lots of article on German shepherd dog, temperament, health, training, food, colors, coat, history but here we only discuss the whether the German shepherd is obedient & protective or not? For finding the answer of this question we discuss the nature/temperament of German shepherd. For details on other topics you can read other relevant articles.

Temperament of German shepherd:

As I told very briefly in the very first point that that these dogs are very powerful, energetic & intelligent. Furthermore, German shepherd has strong senses of smell & watch. These dogs are keen, brave, obedient, submissive & faithful. If you show very affectionate & lovable behavior towards a German shepherd dog then in result these dogs also become very protective & obedient towards you. With the passage of time they can also be familiarize with other family members. Never leave a German shepherd alone because loneliness can enhance the anger & aggression in German shepherd. They bark only when they feel a need for it. They show wary & suspicious behavior towards the strangers. By giving them a proper training on protection, they can serve as good guard & protective dog. So, in short word we can say that German shepherd dogs can be made protective & obedient with proper training & affectionate behavior. If you follow the rule of “affection” then you will surely get positive results.

Is German shepherd a good Family Dog?

German shepherd is a very good family dog because if you train them from early age then they show lovable behavior towards the master as well a towards the kids & other family members. They become territorial & defensive for their master, home & family members. They can serve well as guard, watch, pet & playful dogs. An experienced master can train them well.

Is German shepherd Aggressive?

When a person talk about whether German Shepherd is Obedient & protective or not then I think the aggression is the main hurdle but the aggression can be reducible through proper daily exercise such as daily walking jogging, running, agility & lots of other dog sports activities. The lack of appropriate mental & physical exercise can enhance different aggressive behavioral problems.

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