German Shepherd in All Possible Colors

| July 23, 2014

German Shepherd Colors:

German Shepherd is a breed of dog which is originated from the Germany. These dogs are very loyal, intelligent, powerful & affection if well trained. They have well proportioned muscular body with almond shape eyes & erect ears. Front legs are straight & back are somewhat curved with cat like feet. Here I am going to share some useful information about the German shepherd colors. The color of a dog is one those attribute which you keep in mind before purchasing a dog.

Solid White German shepherd:

0 german shepherd colors

German shepherd are comes in a number of colorful variety. White is one of these colors. White Shepherd is sometimes also known as American white shepherd. According to some recognize groups of dogs, this dog is considered as a separate breed. Sometimes white is considered as a dilution of color of German shepherd. For the purpose of producing a white German shepherd dog the white gene has to be passed on.  No making on solid white dog.

Solid Black German Shepherd Dog:

2 german shepherd colors pictures in black color

Similarly, the solid black German shepherd is also comes into the solid black color. They look very impressive & seek. Sometimes, people really impressed from this color because this color dog looks very dominant.

Blue German shepherd:

3 blue german shepherd colors

It is said that blue color German shepherd have a gray nose instead of black. Blue can be ranges into various shades such as steel blue, powder blue, light blue etc. Blue is very rare color. It is sometimes considered as fault breed of German Shepherd.

Gray German Shepherd Dog:

4 gray german shepherd dog

Gray is also closely related from blue & hard to find. Gray is also considered as serious fault.

Sable German shepherd:

5 sable german shepherd colors

Sable is also one of those possible colors in which German shepherd comes. This color really looks very fabulous. Mostly people love this coat. This color looks extra string, powerful & intense.

Black & Tan German shepherd:

7 black & tan german shepherd colors

German shepherd are most commonly find into this color combination & used in all over the world. So here in this picture gallery you can check out the black & tan German shepherd dog. In black & tan German dogs the pigments are lighter.

Black & Red German shepherd:

9 liver german shepherd colors

Black & red color combination is exactly the similar combination as black & tan but the difference is that the pigmentation is string in the red & black German shepherd as compared to of Black & tan.

Black & Silver German shepherd:

Sometimes, people are confused about black & silver or black & cream. But I think there is no difference between both.  Either Sliver with black or cream with black, no matters the point that matters for you is that your German shepherd should be healthy.

8 BlackSilverLong hair german shepherd colors

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