Grooming & Cleaning of German Shepherd Dog

| July 25, 2014

German shepherd:

German shepherd is considered a very popular breed into the U.S. A German shepherd is basically a well built, energetic, intelligent & proportioned body dog with erect ears, almond shaped eyes, scissor bite teeth, a tail at back, black nose, muscular shoulder & legs, short haired coat which is seasonal shedder & round shape feet. If a German shepherd is trained & exercised well then there is very less behavioral issues. Then they will be healthy mentally as well as physically.

How to Clean a German Shepherd Dog:

Mostly, the dog lovers like to keep this dog at their homes as pet. So there is great to know about “how you can take care of a German Shepherd Dog”. The grooming & cleaning of a dog is very important. So, on this page, basically, I am going to talk about the cleaning of a German shepherd. Bu reading this article you will come to know about how you can Brush or bath your dog plus al about the ears, eyes, & toenail care.

Brushing of German shepherd Dog:

German shepherd is basically a double coat dog. It comes into different varies such as long haired German shepherd or Short Haired German Shepherd. The brushing is basically depends upon the type of coat.

1)    A long haired German shepherd needs daily brushing.
2)    Short haired German shepherd can be brushed almost after three days.
3)    Bristle brush is used for brushing.
4)    Dematting comb or shedding blades can be used for removing dead hairs, small debris & mud from the hairs of dog. Use this brush with great care without affecting the inner coat.
5)    Sometimes, people like to brush their puppy daily, so, there is no issue with this habit. So, it is good for you to brush your puppy on regular basis for a perfect grooming.
6)    Brush your dog from head to tail & leg to feet.
7)    Try to thrust all loose hairs into a garbage bag after brushing.

Teeth Brushing of German shepherd:

You can also clean the teeth of dog but with great care by using a proper teeth brush. Teeth brushing can leads towards the pain-free & healthy gums of your dog. It is preferable to brush teeth during bathing.

Shampoo & Bathing of German shepherd Dog:

Read the following pints carefully which all helps you to bath your German Shepherd dog.

1)    Don’t over bath a dog because it may leads towards the dryness of skin.  An expert says that only 5 to 6 time bath is necessary for a German shepherd in a year with proper gaps.
2)    So, bath your only after two month with proper bathing shampoo which is manufactured only for dog.
3)    If other shampoo is used then it can cause skin irritation.
4)    For dry skin dog try to use a moisturizing shampoo while for oily skin you can go with oil anti-seborrhea shampoo.
5)    These dogs are sensitive to flea bite, for avoiding this problem you can use flea shampoo during bathing.
6)    The things which is required before bathing are shampoo, towels, non slip bathmat (sometimes towel can also be used for this purpose) etc.
7)    Try to keep the entire required item into the bathroom.
8)     Now bring you puppy into the bathroom with great affection
9)    Try to wet your German dog with water. Don’t use too hot water it can affect the skin.
10)    Now apply shampoo or soap but save from going into the ears & eyes.
11)    Wash the head of dog into the very last.
12)    Try to rinse shampoo lots of time by using water in a very well way.
13)    After complete bath, now dry your puppy by using towels.
14)    Try to keep yourself loving & affectionate during bathing process.
15)    Don’t be harsh because it can make this process a tough one for you.

Eye & Ears Cleaning of German Shepherd Dog:

When it comes to eyes & ears grooming then again you have to follow the below described points.

1)    First of all, you should try to examine the ears & eyes of a German shepherd regularly.
2)    You can use high quality ear & eye cleaner for the cleaning of ears & eyes.
3)    The proper method of cleaning ears is to enter some drops of this cleaner into the ears of your dog, then massage the ears & then rinse it with a cotton ball.
4)     In this way you can also remove dust plus debris from the ears.
5)    Similarly, eyes can be clean by using eye cleaner but during eye cleaning a great care is required. In case of red, watery or scratched eyes, you can contact to a specialist.
6)    If there are hairs into the ears or around ears, which can cause ear allergy, then you can pluck these hairs by using scissor or tweezers.
7)    During all this process make sure that you dog never shake head again & again, you can get assistance from your friend or servant.
8)    Regular cleaning of ears & eyes can stop your dog from indulging into different problems.

Toenails Care of German Shepherd Dog:

The toe nails of German shepherd grow very faster. So you should need to trim their hairs almost after two weeks.  Their nails are usually very hard & of black color. Sometimes during nail cutting a dog owner confused about the exact length of nail & cut the vein which supplies blood to the toes. Before trimming nails, try to examine the nails & veins carefully. Cut the nails from the tip only. If, by chance you cut the nail too short then you can use any flour powder for stopping bleeding.

Some other Points about Cleaning of German Shepherd Dog:

In simple words, I only advice you to show a very loving, calm & friendly behavior towards your dog during brushing, bathing, shampooing, ears & eyes cleaning, toenails trimming etc.

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