Main Health Problems of German Shepherd Dog

| July 22, 2014

Health of Dog:

If you have a puppy & dog at home as pet, then you will surely very conscious about the health of this breed. This is best website, because from here you can find all about the puppies & dogs. So, stay with us & keep on updating yourself.

Health Issues with German Shepherd Dog:

German Shepherd Dogs are most popular in all over the world. They are really very loyal, intelligent, brave & energetic dogs but unfortunately German Shepherd Dogs have some health issues which I am going to describe here.

Dysplasia Disease in German Shepherd Dog:

Dysplasia means enlargement of an organ or tissue. It is basically a disease of the developmental disorders in which the body parts such as Hip & Elbow formed an abnormal shape. In German Shepherd Dogs mostly the hip & Elbow Dysplasia is very common. This disease can lead a dog to experiencing pain. Some general causes of this problem are it can be genetic, environmental conditions, due to too large size of breed, due to food which is rich in fat, calories & calcium. The symptoms are difficulty in standing, feeling pain during jumping & running. To get rid from this problem you should avoid your German Shepherd Dogs from over exercise & over feeding plus before purchasing a German Shepherd Dogs be sure that you German shepherd dog is unadulterated from genetic dysplasia.

Chronic Degenerative Radiculomyelopathy Problem:

It is a Canine degenerative myelopathy disease which means the degeneration of the spinal cord. This can, consequently, weekend the whole body of a German Shepherd Dog. It can occurs into middle age.

Cancer in German Shepherd Dog:

A disease which is basically caused due to the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells, it can occur into any part of body of a German shepherd Dog & in any age.

Lameness in German Shepherd Dog:

Lameness is a disease which disturbs the movement ability of a German Shepherd Dog; it can occur due to injury or sometimes causes are unknown. It can results a severe pain into the affected part of body. It is also called panosteitis. It can occur in any age of German Shepherd Dogs from puppies to senior dogs. This problem can be treated with pain-killer medicine & surgery.

Bloat in German Shepherd Dog:

Bloat means accumulation of gas in the stomach. Bloat disease is also common into the German shepherd Dogs & sometimes, make body swallowed due to accretion of gas. But if you give balanced diet to your dog then this problem can be avoid.

Epilepsy in German Shepherd Dog:

It is a neurological disorder which means disorder of the nerves system. German Shepherd Dogs can engage into this problem. In simple word we can say that sometimes German Shepherd Dogs can loss their consciousness power. It may due to the harsh behavior of owner or may be insufficient food. Brain injury can be another cause or sometimes too much headache can also be another cause.

Skin Allergies in German Shepherd Dog:

German Shepherd Dogs have sensitive skin which leads towards the skin allergies problems. Their coat can be affected with hottest & coldest weather conditions. They are also sensitive towards the Flea allergies. If a care is not given towards the proper brushing, bathing & shampoo then skin problem can arise.  An improper dead hair removal can also cause this problem.

Von Willebrand’s Disease in German Shepherd Dog:

It is basically a Bleeding disorder disease. In simple words, it is a heavy menstrual flow of blood. Mostly common in female German Shepherd Dog but sometimes even occurs into the male German Shepherd Dogs also.

Eye Problem in German Shepherd Dog:

If we talk about eyes then again this part of German Shepherd Dog is also never free from disease because an Inflammation can occur on the cornea of the eye, cornea is the transparent layer which forms the front of the eye. Inflammation means redness, swelling, irritation & sourness.  The cataracts problem is another eye disease in which the eye lens becomes progressively opaque which leads towards the blindness.

Some other Health Problems of German Shepherd Dogs:

Some other problems which can arise are EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), disorder of bone formation, Hemophilia, Diabetes, heart problems & some others. The diseases which I described into the above points, some are minor while some are serious, dog owner should be aware from these problem so that he/she can deal with them properly. Another good option is to talk with an expert or dog breed about the solution of health problem.  In German shepherd dogs mostly no Ear Infection because erect ears with no hairs around the ears. You can take your puppy to a doctor in case of any serious health issue.

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