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| September 26, 2014


Mostly western people like to keep a cat or a dog as pet at home. These animals can become their good companions. If we only talk about puppies & dogs then I think the “German Shepherd” is the most commonly used breed of dog I mean that its demand is high then any other dog or puppy. It is available in many colors & coats. Today we are going to talk about only longhaired German shepherd. Let’s starts!

Origin, Coat, Color & Appearance:

These are originated from Germany that’s why they are famous as German dogs. Some other nicknames are Berger Allemand, Alsation Wolf Dog, GSD, Alsatian etc. Longhaired German shepherds have double coat which may be tan/black and red/black with black body makings. Usually German dogs are categorized as medium haired & long haired. The medium hair dogs are kept in category “A” while the long haired German shepherds are kept in category “B”.
German shepherd is strong, well macular. It has round shape forehead. Scissor bite teeth, black nose, almond shape eyes, triangular shape high erect ears, tail below the hock, back straight legs, front curvy legs & cat like feet are some other important features of his/her appearance.

Traits of Longhaired German Shepherds:

They are highly intelligent. They can perform various activities very well. They are brave, devoted, attentive and courageous. They can perform well as police or guard dog. They are confident & clever. They have strong smelling power & that’s why can act as best search dogs also. If their master never treat them well then they can become aggressive. In this way various behavioral problems can occur. They are wary from strangers.

Grooming & Exercise:

Mostly the grooming of longhaired German shepherd is a tough task. You need to comb their hairs regularly. Bath them when necessary. Use high quality bathing shampoo. You need to trim their hairs with great care from ears & claws. They are heavy shedders. So be careful.
Exercise is very much necessary for their mental & physical health. Lack of exercise & training can result in serious biting habit, destructive chewing, scratching, jumping on people, barking & whining problems. You can take your long haired German shepherd with you on long Moring walks, jogging or evening walks. Hide-and-seek, fetching, catching, agility, Schutzhund etc are the best games for dogs. These games lead towards the mental & physical fitness.

German shepherd as Pet:

They can become good companion of you if you train them very well & cleverly. They can live with other pets, cats & dogs if you socialize them from early age. They become very protective for their family & territory. If trained well then they can become a source of fun for babies & little kids.

Feeding of Longhaired German shepherd:

For health of dog a nutritious based diet or food with lots of fresh water is very much necessary for your dog.  If your puppy is too little then give food at least four times in a day with proper gaps. As you dog grew up then you should try to feed them only two times in a day & then only one time in a day. Larger age of dog should be feed smaller amount of food at least two times in a day. The Special puppy or dog foods are available into the market you need to buy high quality food only.
Don’t give human food (the food that you eat) to your dog because it can leads towards the vitamin and mineral imbalances.
The amount of food depends on the activity level, age & size of your dog. If you feel your dog is getting weight then cut the amount of food & if your dog is becoming weaker then increase the amount of food.
Don’t give chocolates & grape to your dog because these are harmful for them.

Health & Expected Life:

Health depends on good grooming, well-exercise & proper feeding. The commonly found diseases in German shepherd are hip and elbow dysplasia (enlargement of a body part), Degenerative myelopathy (neurological disease), Skin Allergies, Eye Problems, Von Willebrand disease (a bleeding disorder problem in German Shepherd Dogs) etc. The chances of these diseases can be decreased with proper grooming & routine medical checkups. Their estimated life may range between 10 to 12 years.

Pictures of Longhaired German shepherd:

Some pictures of this dog are shown into the following picture gallery. By looking towards these pictures you can get ideas about coat, color & appearance of a longhaired German shepherd more precisely.

1 stylish Longhaired german shepherds

2 Longhaired german shepherds collection

2014 Longhaired german shepherds

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