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| August 2, 2014

German Shepherd Dog:

German shepherd is also known as Alsatian Wolf Dog & most popular breed of dog in the U.S. These are mostly used in west as guard, watch, police, and military dog & also as pet. They are intelligent, strong & powerful that’s why easily trainable & pick up very faster. They are originated from Germany. They body is large & proportioned with head. German shepherd has erect ears & medium size eyes. Scissors bite teeth, long neck, shaggy tail, front straight legs but back legs are curved & dome shape skull are some other physical traits.

How to Train a German Shepherd Dog:

Here our main concern is only on the topic “How to train a German shepherd Dog”. Training is necessary because it spoiled their aggression or satisfies the need of energy level. Different activities which are done during training help to make their nature calm. A possessor or owner of German shepherd dog who never knows or understands the basic & essential needs of training can never deal well with this animal. Dog training is an art that mold the personality of a German Shepherd Dog. Training can be made successful by establishing a trustworthy relationship with your dog.

Obedience Training of German Shepherd Dog:

The obedience training is very much necessary for German shepherd dogs. For obedience training, you have to follow the following point;
1)     The very first & initial thing that you have to do is to establish a relationship between you & your dog, until your dog never gets to know you, it will never agree for training.
2)    Try to give obedience training with love & care. Never try to dominate your German shepherd dog.
3)    Affectionate behavior helps you to establish a good & friendly relationship with your puppy.
4)    Emotional Attachment urges your dog to please you by doing all those activities & tasks, you want that your dog should perform.
5)    Try to reward your dog when he performs an activity very perfectly. Rewards can be given with a pat on back. When he follows your instruction, you can also reward you German shepherd dog by offering his favorite food in small quantity or by permitting his favorite activity but for a small period of time.
6)    You can encourage the efforts of the dogs.
7)    Obedience training should be done on regular basis because only consistency can leads towards the success.
8)    The time period for obedience training ranges from 20 to 30 minutes.
9)    Obedience training should always start with small steps & then moves towards big or easy to tough, such as sit, stand, walk & then run.
10)    Only gradually, they can learn easily & quickly.
11)    “Turn puppy on his back” training usually shows his submission.
12)    First, give the training of listen master’s order & then gradually the orders of the other family members.
13)    The commands of Heel, sit, Stay & Lie are also included into the obedience training.
14)    A firm Pack Leader training is necessary.
15)    Find it, right-left, around object, etc are also some other interesting trainings. In “find it” initially you have to introduce a thing before your dog & then by hiding this object you can invite the dog to find it. Right left training can also a big source of fun not only for you but also for your dog.

Socialization Training of German Shepherd Dog:

Like obedience training the socialization training is also very necessary. For this purpose the obedience training is the initial condition. Because when your puppy is obedient then it surely fulfill your order such as when you say meet my friend “xyz” then he surely show good manners with this person instead of barking & wiry behavior. For socialization the morning or evening walks & joggings into the parks where you can introduce your puppy from your friends & neighbors are the best options. Also try to socialize your puppy with other pets.

Leash Training of German Shepherd Dog:

Some experts suggests that leash is not essential for a dog but for an aggressive & violent German shepherd the leash training is very much necessary for protecting other pets, kids & human beings from the scissor bite of the German Shepherd. For leash training you should again try to keep yourself calm & affectionate. In case of serious aggression you can consult from an expert.

Some other points about German shepherd Training:

These points are;

1)    Before training you need to know the temperament of the German Shepherd Dog.
2)    Before training you should feed your puppy or provide food, so that they can perform each task actively.
3)    The physical punishments should be avoided.
4)     Don’t adopt harsh behavior during training.
5)    Never use sticks or belts.
6)    Avoid the abusive method of training.
7)    The training collar should never be used for beating a German shepherd.

All these methods can hardly bring positive change into you German shepherd puppy or dog. So, keep all these points in mind & avoid harsh behavior during training a dog.

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