Vigorous German Shepard Qualities

| August 2, 2014

German shepherd, brief introduction:

German Shepard is highly energetic, athletic, loyal and protective dog. They are large dogs with muscular appearance. Their exterior reflects the strength and grandeur. They have big, pointed and erect ears shaggy tail and strong jaw. They are good runners who can cover large part of ground very quickly. They are commonly in black and tan colors. They are preferred for several works. They are second most popular breed in united state. They have 35 to 40 kg weight in males and in females 25 to 33 kg. Their height in males is about 24 to 26 inches and in females 22 to 24 inches. Their life time is about 9 to 23 years. They are basically related from Germany.

Awesome qualities of German Shepard:

This special and powerful breed has some special characteristic which we are going to explore below.

1): These breeds are extremely loyal, highly dedicated and devoted to their loved ones. As they are very dedicated, they also need for great emotional attachment and constant attention of the owner.
2): Being superbly playful, they loved new activities and need to have lots of challenges and games.
3): They are awesome selection for those active people who love long walks and heavy exercises. They love large garden and yard in home.
4): They are superbly fearless and highly protective for their owners.
5): If these breeds are well socialized they can be obedient, fun lovers and well behaved pets. They have some behavioral problem which can overcome from the early age leadership.
6): They are amazingly good learners and intelligent. They have instant quality of learning that’s way they are preferred due to their trainability.
7): They are also first selection as assistance dog due to their excellent quality of reading person’s emotions and wants to do anything to make his owner please and happy. .
8):  In most of countries, German Shepard is first choice of police force because of their strength and vigor. They are easy trained and sets for various tasks. Due to their awesome sense of smelling, they are also use for search and rescue dogs.

Elegant exteriors of German Shepard:

Here we are interested in sharing highly impressive gallery which has 3excellent glimpses of courageous German Shepard dogs. Have an impressive look of this exciting gallery and think about the powerful owner of a vigorous German Shepard. Enjoy the appreciating glimpses of awesome German Shepard with impressive eyes.

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German Shepherd qualities

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