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| July 21, 2014

Panda Shepherd Dog:

Another type from the family of Shepherd dogs is the Panda Shepherd dog which is also very popular in all over the west. Today, we are going to talk all about this breed in detail. If you like this dog & want to keep it as pet at home then you must have enough information about the origin, appearance, coat, Color, group, temperament, size, exercise, cleaning,  food, training, maximum life time & health of Panda Shepherd Dog. So, read this article & increase your knowledge. It also helps you in order to take a good decision.

Origin of Panda Shepherd Dog:

It is basically a type of dog which is also originated from the German shepherd dogs. It is developed by using technique of cross breeding, the resulting German shepherd with tan, black & white color is called Panda Shepherd Dog.

Appearance of Panda Shepherd Dog:

Panda Shepherd Dogs have a well-proportioned strong body with solid bone structure. They have front straight legs but back legs are curved. Panda Shepherd Dogs have deep chest, medium sized almond shape eyes, erect triangular shape ears, black nose, muscular neck without skin folds, strong scissor bite 42 teeth, round shape forehead & wedge shape skull. A straight or slightly curved tail is at back with at least hock length. Panda Shepherd Dogs have well-arched short feet with thick & hard pads or sole while bails are also short & short.

Coat of Panda Shepherd Dog:

They have a double coat. One is the outer coat or upper coat which is harsh, dense & medium-sized-hairs while second is the inner & undercoat which is fine & dense.

Colors of Panda Shepherd Dog:

It basically a piebald colored German Shepherd Dog. Panda Shepherd has a color combination of black, white & tan. White color ranges from 35 to 40 percent while the remaining is with tan & black markings. Sometimes the red or silver shades can also possible. Mostly, the nose, lips, eyes or pads are black.

Temperament of Panda Shepherd Dog:

Panda Shepherd Dogs are powerful, energetic, keen, confident, intelligent, loveable & alert by nature. They have graceful, elegant & loyal personality due to the trait of eagerness, braveness & cheerfulness. They are courageous & fearless.  Due to intellectual characteristic they have a very high learning ability & can pick up the activities & different tasks very quickly. They seek human attention & that’s why experts suggest that Panda Shepherd Dogs never be left alone. They can never stay around your bedroom room for a long period of time because they need to channelize their energy with proper exercise training, activities etc. they are very devoted toward their master. They show vigilant & wary behavior towards the strangers (not apprehensive behavior).

Cleaning of Panda Shepherd Dog:

Panda Shepherd Dog has a medium size hair coat so brushing is necessary. It is said about this type that they heavily shed, so be careful about brushing with a bristle brush almost once in a day. Bath is necessary only when you feel odor is coming from your pup. Use branded puppy or dog shampoo for bathing. Soft towels should be used for rinse-off the remaining water after bath. Try to clean their ears, eyes, nostrils, toenails after proper gaps of days or weeks.

Group of Panda Shepherd Dog:

Panda Shepherd Dogs basically belongs from the herding dog group.

Exercise & Training for Panda Shepherd Dog:

For mental & physical stability of the Panda Shepherd Dog proper exercise & training is very necessary. They love daily walks, joggings, running, hide & seek activities. Fetching, fly ball, agility & lots of other dog sports games also reduce their anger or harsh behavior. Appropriate obedience, leash & socialization training is also required. During training don’t be harsh with your Panda Shepherd Dog. Always show affectionate behavior. Almost half an hour time is enough for training or exercise. When your dog performs well in training then you should offer a reward to Panda Shepherd Dog. It leaves a very impression on your dog or puppy.

Food for Panda Shepherd Dog:

During feeding your Panda Shepherd Dog, keep one rule in mind first is when you give food to Panda Shepherd Dog & he never ready to eats then never keep this food before your dog more than 10 min because o you leave the food before Panda Shepherd Dog for a long period of time then you dog can become choosy or picky. Second important point is never try to over feed your puppy or dog because it can leads towards the  ob=overweight problem. Third point is, try to give grain free food to your dog because grain based food can never be tolerated by the stomach of your dog & can cause digestive problems.

Health Problem with Panda Shepherd Dog:

Hip & Elbow Dysplasia is very common into the Panda Shepherd Dog. It is considered a genetic disease. Some other health problems that can arise are skin allergies (sin is sensitive towards the flea bite), eye problems or blood disorders.

Maximum life time for Panda Shepherd Dog:

The life time of Panda Shepherd Dog ranges from 10 to 12 years almost.

Size of Panda Shepherd Dog:

The height of Panda Shepherd Dog ranges from 50 to 60 cm but the height of male is always greater from the female Panda Shepherd. Similarly, the weight ranges from 30 to 40 kg.

Pictures of Panda Shepherd Dog:

Have a look at the pictures of this very loyal, full of energy & intelligent Panda Shepherd Dog.

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