Bow Tie Style Collars for Dogs

| September 24, 2014

Pet Accessories:

Do like to keep pets at your home? Which pet you like more? Of course a puppy or dog. If we cast a look on the western life then it becomes evident that mostly western people like to keep only a beautiful puppy or dog as pet at their homes. They love this creature very much. They take care of this pet very much by providing all essential accessories such as good apartment for living, a yard for playing, good food for eating & similarly stylish collars, leashes or harness. They take care about the well-grooming, daily walks, exercise, trimming & bathing of their dogs or puppies. But currently you are going to explore only the bow design tie collar for your cute & dear puppy or dog. Every design is totally new. Have a look!

Red Bow Tie Collar:

1 bow tie dog collar (1)

This is a pure red color bow tie collar for your dog. It has an adjustable closure which allows you to set it according to the size of your pet. The red color bow tie on the red collar is looking just perfect.

Black Crystal Embellished Harness:

2 bow tie dog collar (7)

This is another stylishly designed bow tie dog collar which is manufactured by using black color stuff but embellished with crystals. It is basically a fancy bowtie dog collar which you can use when you want to keep your puppy with you for attending a party.

Checkered Print Bow Collar for Dogs:

3 bow tie dog collar (9)

Look at this blue, green, orange, maroon, yellow & skin color bow tie. The checkered print is looking really very gorgeous. You dog especially a male dog can get a very decent look by wearing this design of bow tie collar in his neckline. You can use it either for casual or formal wear.

Leather Bow Tie Dog Collar:

4 bow tie dog collar (8)

This is leather bow tie dog collar. This simple piece can be used only for the casual wear. This harness helps you to control your puppy.

Bow Tie Collar:

Into the following picture gallery you can find out some other simple yet elegant designs of bow tie dog collars. Each collar has an adjustable closure. Similarly, every collar is manufactured by using different but qualitative stuff. Zigzag, checkered, lining, polka dots & plain collar designs are included in this assortment. Check out the gallery!

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