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| August 12, 2014

Pet Accessories:

Mostly, western people like to keep pets at home. Dog & cats are most popular pets into all over the world. Some other pets are pigeons, parrots, sparrows, hens, peacocks, goats etc. Each pet requires some essential accessories such as home for living, shampoo for bathing, brush for combing hairs, food for eating, toys for playing & much more. Similarly, we have a very important accessory for pets that is “Pet Carrier”.  This accessory helps you to keep your pt with you at any place where you want. These pet carriers can be manufactured by using various stuffs. Mostly opaque & weight resistance stuff is preferable. Pet carries cars can also be used for this purpose. Some famous pet carries are shown below. Hope you will like this assortment.

Sling Pet Carrier:

1 Pet Carriers (4) 2 Pet Carriers (2)


This style of pet carrier is called sling carrier. It can be bought from market at reasonable price tag. You can also prepare it at home by using good quality stuff. A simple shoulder bag is created for making this sling.  In the above two picture you can see two types of slings one for the winter season while other is for thy summer season. Only the stuff type is different otherwise style is same.

Pet Carriers Bags:

3 Pet Carriers (5) 4 Pet Carriers (13)

Into these two pictures you can see pink & black, frowzy & black colors of pet carrier bags. These bags are manufactured by using parachute stuff which is opaque & qualitative. Net stuff is used for air & light. When you want to out of city & also want to keep your pet with you then these bags are the best option for you.

Totes Pet Carrier:

5  Pet Carriers (6) 6  Pet Carriers

Dear girls, if you are also a great fond of keeping pets at home then don’t worry just keep a little cat or dog at home. Now you can carry your pet with you without any kind of embarrassment by using these stylishly designed Tote style bags.

Front & Back Pet Carriers Bags:

7 Pet Carriers (7) 8 Pet Carriers (11)

In these two pictures you can see two types of pet carrier one is front pet carrier while other is back pet carrier. These shoulders bags help you in taking your pet from one place to another very easily & without any kind of hurdle.

Pet Carriers:

If you want to explore some more styles, colors & designs of pet carries then you can check out the following picture gallery which is also full of with the cute & lovely pet carriers. Have a look!

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