Fabulous Collection of Patriotic Cat Collars

| August 9, 2014

Patriotic collars:

Patriotic means beloved with anyone country. Patriotic collars used by pet or domestic animals like cat and dog. Cat and dog are two most popular pet animals which people keep in homes as a good companion or for entertainment. Here, in Pakistani countries this trend is not on high level while in American and Western countries keep pets as a popular trend. Mostly, every home has domestic animal in homes and they look after their food, cleanliness and other accessories. They do much love with their pets and celebrate with them 4th July Parade, custom day, Memorial Day or any time when you feel patriotic. Many accessories used for pet animals like toys, tee or tanks, bandana and collars for the beauty or joy of pets. Domestic animals are accustomed with their lord or master and love him. Here, we are going to share with you only one pet accessory which name is patriotic collar. These collars wear pets on patriotic days to show love with country. Today, on this page I introduce you patriotic dog collars.

Stripe collar:

1 patriotic cat collar (3)

This collar made with nylon, cotton and jingle bell in red, blue and white colors. These colors founded in American flags.

beads cat collar :

2 patriotic cat collar (6)

These collars made with white, red and black colors beads with little heart shape studs. These stunning collars wear by cats for the beauty.

Breakaway cat collars:

3 patriotic cat collar (8)

This patriotic collar made with stars and waves style in red, blue and white colors. These colors founded in U.S.A flag. This collar is with red ball shape bell wear by domestic cats.

Christian’ flag cat collar:

4 patriotic cat collar (9)


This cat collar made in red, blue and white with Christian’ sign designing. Plastic made locker and silver metal crown shape bell. This collar wears by cat for present love with Christians.
Here, you can see further Patriotic collars which show love with different countries and made with strips, ropes, and nylon leather material. Collars used for control animals, identify animals or for the beauty of pets.

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