Most Adorable & Beautiful Puppies from Around the World

| February 16, 2016

Beautiful puppies:

Fond of having puppies is common and if you are thinking about to keep an adorable puppy then definitely your first priority is to find most adorable and cute puppy which can complete your family picture. A large list is there in which different type and different categories of puppies bit if you are interested in most beautiful puppies then certainly you have to know about the types of poppies so that you can chose harmless and adorable poppy for your family.

In this regard I have something special rather easy way to you. Here I am sharing some adorable pictures of those puppies which are enormously beautiful and perfect selection ad pet. Selection of pet is expression of their nature; some people are kept aggressive dogs and puppies to show their power and authority while those which are interested in cute puppies are friendly by nature and just enjoy their company to complete their family. Here we are sharing most adorable categories of puppies from aroymf the world. This post will assist you in selection of right puppy for your home and you will easily decide that which dog will be best for your family photo. Let’s discuss cuteness level and special characteristics of adorable puppies.

Chow chow:

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Five in colors (red, blue, black, cream, cinnamon) and originally from Northern China Chow Chow stands among the most adorable puppies of the world. They are closed to lion in their appearance and specially known for their hunting skills. Their length is in between 18-20 and weight is up to 30 kilograms. By nature these are independent, stubborn, demanding and dominant dog. Well trained Cho Chow is loving and friendly to other pets also. Chow Chow is protective puppy and enormously famous among the dog lovers due to their cute appearance.

English bulldog:

2 famouas pupies around the world

This medium, size puppy is also known as British bulldog. This cute puppy is determined and friendly in its nature, its weights is between 22 to 25 kilograms and found in red, brown, fawn, white and grey colors. This kind and courageous puppy and is considered as most demanding puppies of the world. For kid’s English bulldog is awesome friendly pet and it also attached with family very soon that’s the reason peaceful people are selected English bulldog as their home pet.

Golden Retriever:

3 cutest puppies in world

This type of puppy has something allure touch of curtness which made everyone smiles. It appears in different shades if golden and commonly known for its intelligent mind, obedient nature and superb energy. Golden retrievers are 22-24 in their height and 32-35 in their weight. They need to be socializing and trained from early age because they mature slowly. This smart type of puppy is clam by nature and not good as guard due to their friendly nature. They are active, loyal and easy learnt puppies and used to different commercials due to their adorable cuteness.

Corgi puppies:

4 best puppies for families

Originally from Pembroke shire, wales Corgi puppies are also known as Welsh corgi. These adorable puppies are playful, protective and gregarious. Their absolute cute appearance made the people fall in love with them immediately. They are 25 to 30 in their height and 22 to 26 kilogram in their weight.    Fawn, black, blue, tan and white are common colors in them. Corgi is tremendously cute and lovely puppy and has special all allure for kids. They are active and courageous by nature.

Basset Hound:

5 adorble puppies

Having sad eyes and big ears Basset Hounds is short legged puppy which as loose wrinkled skin also. This breed is specially kept for rabbet hunting. All moral qualities are found in Basset Hound, it is affectionate, obedient, gentler, devoted and sweet tempered. Commonly in lemon, brown, black and white colors are prominent in this puppy’s category. Basset Hounds are 20-27 in weight 11-15 in their height. These gentle puppies are easy to train and prove superbly best for family and kids love to enjoy their company.

Pug puppies:

6 amazing puppies around the world
You can stop yourself to smile when you see a pug puppy. Its curled tail, wrinkly, short quiet face and big round eyes are produce intense cuteness. It is found in tan, silver fawn and black. By nature this breed is active, stubborn, clever, intelligent and sociable. Basically this breed is from china and people are liked its companionship due to their friendly nature. For kids this short puppy has great inclination t spend best family time. Ts playful nature allows it to be frank with kids and other pets easily.

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