Most Mopular Dog Collars and Leashes

| March 26, 2016

The leash and collar is one of the most important tools you have. It allows you to keep your balanced dog safely by your side and out of harm’s way. How do you choose the right one for your dog? And how do you best use it to gain control on the walk? Lets take a look.


The porcelain pet bowl is pretty good quality for a Target item heavy enough that your pup won’t knock it over, and nicely embossed with floral lace and a medallion at the bottom. The pink collar and leash set are made of beautiful supple leather, and the lace details on the collar are rather intricate. Really nice, overall, Pick up the bowl, and the collar set in any size you want.



This is a series of pet collar products including various colors and patterns, combined with a shirt collar and a high-quality bell. The fabrics chosen is nice and are soft, lightweight, tough and very comfortable for your little friend to wear.



This adorable neck band for your gal features a lightweight elastic band that slips over your dog’s head and is worn as an accessory. Secured on the band is a fabric flower accessory. The flower is permanently attached. This band is intended for use as an accessory only. It does not include any hardware and SHOULD NOT be used in place of a regular collar. Dog collar is made with an ivory bridal satin that is perfect for any special occasion that your fur baby attends.



The Collar has arrived. We’re very excited to offer you our new line of quality, adjustable fabric dog collars. They are the perfect partner to our pets, fashionable, fun and modern. Pair one with your pup will be the talk of the dog park. This formal cute pink dog collar is just what your pup needs for the big day. Cotton Fabric with various prints and love quotes is securely sewn onto heavyweight webbing.



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