Nationalistic Dog Collars

| August 9, 2014

Dog collars :

Dog is a domestic and faithful animal. Dogs are founded in the world of numerous breeds. Mostly peoples keep dogs in their houses as a pet and companion for joyfully. Dogs also used as a guard and protect his owner and his house.  In foreign countries, like America, France, an England keep dog in houses is popular trend. They select high breed puppy for keeping in homes and much care their health, food and cleanliness. Here, I am going to introduced you Patriotic dog collars. Collars used for control pet, identify collar, medical collar, beautify collar and patriotic collar. Today, we talk only patriotic collars. Patriotic means lover of one country. Patriotic dog collars made with same style of their country’ flags. Here you can see patriotic collars which wear by dogs.

Australian and England flag collars:

1 patriotic dog collar (14)

In this picture, you are seeing two patriotic dag collars. Upper collar is with Australian flag’ style and beneath England flag’ style. This dog collar made with nylon and plastic and wears by Australian and England dogs for present his love for country.

South America flag collar:

2 patriotic dog collar (12)This stylish and fancy collar made with stones and pearls. A dog’ bone fastened in the middle part of this collar and kept three stars in red, golden and blue colors. South America’ flag has three colors red, blue and golden. This collar wear by dog for identify his country.

Haitian flag:

3 patriotic dog collar (7)

This flag made with ropes with exclusive patterns and plastic made locker. Red and blue colors used in this collar and these colors founded in Haitian flag. So, this collar made in red and blue for recognized his country.

Syrian flag:

4 patriotic dog collar (8)


This patriotic dog collar made with cozy leather in red, black and white colors. These colors founded in Syrian flag. Black color plastic made locker attached with cozy leather dog collar.
Here, in the gallery you can see further patriotic dog collars which used for identify his country and breed. Collars made with leather, nylon and ropes. Some fancy and stylish collars also founded in this Patriotic dog collars gallery.

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