Pictures of Most Cute & Pretty Puppies that You Never Ever Seen Before

| February 10, 2016

Different Breeds of Cute Puppies in the World:

It is fact that human beings starts to love animals especially “a dog” is becoming their best companion. Different people like to own a pet especially cute puppy is on the top of the list of pets. These puppies are very adorable & can make our boring day full of little pleasures. An idle person can easily engage himself/herself into the taking care of puppies. I think puppies are like little kids that needs lots of care, attention & affection. So, if you are thinking to buy a puppy then don’t forget you are trying to take a very big responsibility that you have to fulfill in a very good way. Here, I bring information about the various breeds of cute puppies so that, those people who are in search of cute puppies, they can get enough information about each breed & then they can choose a best one. Let’s starts from Samoyed puppy!

Samoyed Puppy:

0000 Samoyed puppy

Samoyed Puppy is actually a white color fluffy puppy. These puppies are sometimes seen in snowy area when they are used to push different tiny carriers. They have almond shape eyes with black or brown lens. Their ears are also covered with fur. Overall this breed of puppy look cute & fragile when touch by someone. They look nice when play flyball game with their owners. Hip dysplasia is usually common disease of this breed.

Schnauzer Puppy:

000 Schnauzer puppy

Due to their pointed & most visible round nose these Schnauzer Puppies are getting rapid fame among the puppy lovers. They are intelligent & affectionate. I think no one can bore if owns a Schnauzer Puppy.

Australian Shepherd Puppy:

00 Australian Shepherd puppy

Australian Shepherd Puppies are usually common in Americas. They come in blue merle, red, black colors with white & tan markings. Their eyes look like a ghost but interesting & motivating. Blindness & deafness are common problems. But they look quite fabulous. They are active & like to live with human beings.

Beagle Puppy:

0 beagle puppy

Beagles are small to medium size breed. They are best as pet. By appearance their head is broader; legs are short, large low set eats, big eyes with hazel or brown lens.  They come in tricolor such as in white, brown & black. If you decided to bring beagle puppy at home then make sure you provide good shelter, food & water to your puppy.

Papillion Puppy:

1 papillon puppy

These puppies are also known as Continental Toy Spaniel. From head & face these puppies look like a butterfly. Lots of hairs on ears enhance the butterfly look very clearly. They are intelligent & learn different skills & activities only in a very short span of time due to their intelligence.

Pug Puppy:

2 pug puppy

At first look this puppy look like an angry man but on observing deeply they looks quite innocent & a little bit funny. They have curling tail at the back. Their faces have lots of winkles. It comes in a variety of colors. They have aggressive attitude.

Pomeranian Puppy:

3 pomeranian puppy

Pomeranian Puppies are also known as pom pom puppies due to their fluffy pom pom style coat. They are small dogs with very less weight. Fur around neck usually adds cuteness into the personality of this puppy. To maintain the quality of their outer coat daily combing is required. Trimming is also required after two weeks.

Toy Poodle Puppy:

Cute red Toy Poodle puppy standing

I personality love this breed of dogs. These poppies with curling hairs on all over the body looks quite cute & pretty as the name shows these looks like a toy. They are easy to train. These puppies are very sensitive by nature & eager to please their owner.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy:

5 yorkshire terrier puppy

Due their long, glossy & straight hairs the Yorkshire Terrier Puppy always have great fun for their owners. Sometimes owners like to create pigtails or high ponytails & give cute look to their puppies. Sometimes, beautiful pins & clips are also used. I personally found only this hairstyling feature in the breed. But if their hairs are not made properly then these little puppies give an impact of being an old man with beard

Shih Tuz Puppy:

6 shih tuz cute puppy

The name Shih Tuz means a “little lion”. Can you observe a lion impact into his face? Yes of course this puppy look like a lion but not very dangerous like a lion. Shih Tuz looks cute & very affectionate towards human beings. He loves to go outside & play different t games.

How to make an Ordinary Puppy to Look Cute?

7 eyewear, hat, tie, mufflers etc makes puppy to look cute

No matter which breed of puppy you owns because I think every creature is beautiful. So, every breed of puppy is also beautiful. For adding further beauty into the puppy you can use some styling accessories such as an eye wear or a bow toe. For enhancing the cuteness of the puppies you can also try a funny hats & mufflers as well as hair pins & funny shirts. Would you like to tell me which accessory adds cuteness into your puppy’s personality? Is it an eyewear or a hat?

Cute Puppies in Various Colors:

You have already get lots of information about the cute puppies. But I will never stop here because now I want to share some of my favorite pictures of puppies. I like to categories these pictures on the basis of color. You usually observed that some people like to keep a black puppy at their home while some are seen into the playground or park with their pure white color puppies while some hold the leash of a tan color puppy when they walk on the track. So, what color of puppy you like to own? Here are some colors. Take a look & take a right decision!

Black Color Puppies:

8 black cutest puppy you ever seen

Dark Brown Color Puppies:

9 dark brown cutest puppy you ever seen

Grey Color Puppies:

10 grey  cutest puppy you ever seen

White Color Puppies:

11 white cutest puppy you ever seen

Black, Brown & White Color Puppies:

12 puppy in black, white brown color

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