Top 10 Most Beautiful Dogs in the World

| March 10, 2016

Very cute dogs in the world

Dogs are very faithful animal and many European people keep the dogs for their protection they think that dogs are their family they take care of them like their own babies .Some dogs are very loving and calm but some are wild .All pet dogs are not very simple and calm but many dogs are very peaceful .In many western countries dogs are the sign of their status which of their dog they have that status .Some dogs are very dangerous and if that dogs bite you once then many diseases can become .So here we have different beautiful dogs and puppies with their names.

Various beautiful dogs:

Dogs are protector of their owners they have don’t care of their lives in saving of their owner,s life some dogs remain whole life faithful to their owner and want to give their life in the service of their owner and their owner also love their pets and consider them they are our family .

Pomeranian dog:

Pomeranian is a kind of dog it belongs to the central Europe and it is found in many colors grey,brown ,orange white .This dog has very lovely nature ,very active ,social able ,friendly and playful dog .It life time is 12 to 16 years and there is no allergic for him .His maximum height is 5.1 -11 it is good for pet dog.

1. top 10 most beautiful dogs in the world

Icelandic dog:

Icelandic sheep dog is it’s real name it is another beautiful dog basically it’s belonging to the Iceland it is like sheepdog most of the ancestors of modern people keep it as a pet. It’s nature is cheerful, hardy, alert, energetic and hardy .It has two shaded colors gold and white, white and cream, chocolate and white and black and both species male and female are found in these dogs. It’s life time span is 12-15 years. 2. top 10 most beautiful dogs in the world

Beagle dog :

Beagle is not found in large size it is small to medium size it is much familiar to the larger fox hound .He has good temperament amiable, determine, gentle, intelligent and excitable. His life time is 12-15 years .Male beagle dog size is 14-16 and female beagle height is 13 to 15 inches. It is in many colors brown and white, orange   and white, red and white and Lemon and white.

3. top 10 most beautiful dogs in the world

Labrador dog :

Labrador dog is one of the most popular breeds of the United Kingdom and United States. Its life time span is 10 to 12 years .Male Labrador weight is 64 to 79 and female is 55 to 71 and the temperament of this dog is gentle, agile, intelligent, kind and trusting. Its color is black, yellow and chocolate. Its height is 22 to 24 inches.

4. top 10 most beautiful dogs in the world

A bichon frise dog :

A bichon frise dog is a small breed of dog it is mostly in UK and US .It is hypoelergic and its life time span is 12-15 years .Its nature is playful ,gentle, sensitive, affectionate, cheerful and feisty. The weight of these dogs is 6.6 to 11 kg and the height of the male 9 -12 inches. The colors of these dogs are white and cream, white and apricot, white and buff etc.

5. top 10 most beautiful dogs in the world

American Eskimo :

American Eskimo is a breed of companion dogs its origin is from Germany. It is not hypo allergic and the life time span is 13 -15 years .Higher classification of dogs are American Eskimo . The temperament of this dig is alert, protective, intelligent and friendly .And the height of this dog is 15-20 standard size.

6. top 10 most beautiful dogs in the world

Golden retriever dog :

Golden retriever is a large size of breed of dog bred it is best for hunting ,shooting parties and upland games his life time span is 10 to 12 years .The weight of this dog in male is 65 to 75 and the female dog weight is 55 to 71.His nature is friendly ,kind ,confident ,reliable and trustworthy .The colors are found in these dogs are golden ,dark golden, cream and light golden.

7. top 10 most beautiful dogs in the world

German shepherd dog :

German shepherd is most famous dog in the world and this dog is very powerful .it’s belong the Germany .Life span is 9-13 years the size in the male shepherd is 30 to 40 kg and female weight is 32 to 22 kg.Little size is 4 to nine” and the mostly colors which are found in German shepherd that is tan with black saddle .Over protective ,intelligent, lovely and friendly nature.


Husky dog:

Husky dog is type of a dog who is used to pull sleds in northern countries .Husky dogs are not bark it is good thing but bad thing is that he howls which can create problem for you and your family .the temperament is very nice playful ,gentle and curious. Red and copper colors are common in husky dogs and their eyes are brown, blue and different color combination.They love to run and their size in male dogs are 21 to 23.5 and in female 20 to 22.Male weight is 45 and 60 pounds and in female 35 to 50 pounds.

9. top 10 most beautiful dogs in the world


Samoyed dog:

The Samoyed is a breed of dog that belongs to the Siberia and its name is due to the people of Samoyedic. It is hypoelergic his life time span is 12 to 13 years .In Samoyed dogs the weight of female dogs are 37 to 55 and male 45 to 70 .Temperament is lively ,playful ,stubborn ,social able and alert. The colors which are found in that dogs are white,biscuit,cream and white.

10. top 10 most beautiful dogs in the world


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