Wide Variety of Houses for Pet Dog Lovers

| February 15, 2016

Different Types Dog of Houses:

I know “dog is the man’s best friend” that’s the reason why most of the people of this world starts to own a dog. They think that dogs are best companion of their life & they can spend quality time with the dog. Furthermore, we are very well aware from the fact that a person usually takes care a lot of his/her life partner & provides him/her a good home to live in, quality food to eat, stylish clothes to wear & like to carry his/her life partner on parties, outside visits & events. Similarly, when you own a dog & give this dog a special place in your life then you both will become like partners. So, you need to take care of your pet dog by providing all facilities of life including separate home. No no I am not talking about a very big separate home but I am talking about those homes that are now available into the market. You can find different types of homes for dogs that are usually made with different stuffs.


1 types of dog houses

For example the first type is fabricated dog houses that are one of the best types of homes. These are made with fabrics. The dog’s paw print homes look cute. These are washable & portable.
Second type of house is those which are made with wood. These are also reliable but if you keep these outside in open places then due to severe weather condition the wood may be damaged. The prices of such houses depend on size & shape & quality. You can also make these wood houses at home simply by using wooden plaques.
Third type of dog houses is those which are made with metal. These are also best & never broke easily but you need to keep these houses far from electricity wires or boards.
Fourth type is those houses which are made with plastic. These are low cost, washable, light weight & reliable. The plastics dog houses are available at less cost ranges from $100.00 to $120.00.
The reliability, shape, size & quality are some important point’s effects a lot on the prices of dog houses. So, always prefer good quality.

Luxury Dog Houses:

2 luxury dog houses
Luxury word is commonly used for lavishness, comfort & style. So, luxury dog houses mean those houses which are designs stylishly & facilitate with all comforts of life. These houses have also the built in electricity facility. So you can illuminate these houses at night time. Sometime a little fan is also available into the bedroom of dog so that he can enjoy good sleep in summer. Here you can view luxury dog homes. One resembles just like a Hollywood celebrity home & its price is near $30,000.00. It is looking nice with red paint on roof & beige paint on walls. The plants hanging on walls near window are looking very fabulous. Another luxury house for dog is designed by taking inspiration from a royal place. It is looking traditional & like an eastern palace. Third house looks like a tomb or canopy. Luxury houses are expensive & only those people who belong from elite class can afford such houses for their beloved pet dogs.

Indoor Dog Houses:

3 Windoor luxury dog houses designs and styles for viewers
Now days, different indoor dog houses are also available. These houses look quite luxurious. I also said that these indoor dog houses are actually the multi functional dog houses because at one side your dear dogs use these houses to sit in or for sleeping while on the other hand you can use the roof of these houses for keeping your necessary goods such as a centerpiece, books, water bottle or mobile phone.
4 indoor luxury dog houses designs and styles for viewers
You can keep these houses either in your bedroom as side table or in living room as table. You can view all these ideas into the pictures which are shown here. These all are actually portable dog houses. So, you can move a dog house from your bedroom to living room or vice versa.
5 indoor luxury dog houses designs and styles for viewers
If you like then you built permanent dog houses inside the home such as under stairs. Yes, utilize this space & built your pet little luxurious home inside your home. You can also construct the pet dog house into the most bottom part of wall cupboard as well as in your dining area so that your pet can also enjoy meals with you & your other family members.

Outdoor Dog Houses:

6 outdoor luxury dog houses designs and styles for viewers
Outdoor dog houses are those which are usually kept into the garden area, patio or in backyard of home. There is a variety of outdoor dog houses. One is a house along with stairs are attached so that you dog can go on the roof of house whenever he like. Other is a house in which a veranda is offered to dog so that he can enjoy the rainy weather by sitting in this veranda.
7 outdoor luxury dog houses designs and styles for viewers

Another outdoor dog house is shown in which a beach style canopy is attached. The comfortable sitting place is making is deluxe. Some outdoor dog houses are available with food bowls. Yes food bowls are fixed with such houses. So, when you have such house for your pet then you never need separate food bowls.

DIY Luxurious Dog Houses:

8 outdoor luxury dog houses designs and styles for viewers
You can also make outdoor dog house by using wood logs. It is called DIY dog house. It will look quite dreamy & fascinating. Think about another DIY Dog House by using empty barrel as shown here. Hopefully, you love these all ideas. Do you? Let me know with your opinion!

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